Journalism Workshops

Learn to create, design and produce news using digital technologies.

Summer 2008

Seattle PI Interns

Spring 2008

Workshop 1
Flickr This: Create Compelling Digital Photos
Friday 11 April

Use Photoshop and Picasa to compose perfect digital photos. You’ll learn:
* Three tips to great-looking photos
* Optimal web image sizing
* What separates an OK photograph from a great one, whether online or in print
* The difference between RAW, JPG, GIF and PNG
* The main types of news photos

Workshop 2
Podcast That: Audio Stories For The Web
Friday 18 April

Use tools such as Audacity or GarageBand to edit and publish a basic podcast, You’ll learn:
* How audio stories differ from print
* Three tips to sound like a pro
* The magic of timelines
* The difference between MP3 and WAV (and why you should care)
* Why RSS is your friend

Workshop 3
All Together Now: MultiMedia, YouTube and You
Friday 25 April

Use a content management system like Soundslides to tell a story through words, sound and images. You’ll learn:
* What makes multi-media stories click with readers
* How to produce a story without knowing Flash
* How to put your multi-media stories onto YouTube

For all workshops:

  1. Students will be provided digital elements (photos, sound clips), but do feel free to bring your own.
  2. We’ll be working in the Windows computer lab, but feel free to bring your laptop (Windows or Mac) if you’d rather work on your own machine. Tell us if you plan to do this so that we can make sure you have the needed software before the workshop commences.
  3. Students should have basic computer skills, such as knowledge of how to browse Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder; how to launch applications, save files and navigate between windows and applications; how to use the mouse to point-and-click and select objects. Students should also understand file structure and the desktop.
  4. Registration is first-come, first-served. Students who sign up for all three workshops but miss one without notice will loose their seat in subsequent workshops.

Location: CMU302
Time: Noon – 4 pm
Refreshments: Pizza and soda
Registration: Required; limited seating

Registration Information (CLOSED)
Complete the registration form. Your registration is not complete until you receive a confirmation e-mail! First come, first reserved; limited seating. We will keep a waiting list.

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Workshop Leader
Kathy Gill is a senior lecturer in the department’s MC Digital Media program. She has been blogging regularly since 2003 and shooting digital photos for more than 10 years, and she is an award-winning writer and photographer. She’s passionate about technology and communication and believes that digital is the future of journalism.

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