Digital Publishing – Winter 2013


  • Considerations for designing, planning, and launching digital publications.
  • How to use software tools to design and digitally publish content.
  • How to use software tools to build an engaged audience for digital publishing content.

Draft schedule

  1. Tour of the various tools that you can use to publish an e-book or Web publication, from simple to complex.
  2. Visual design / accessibility
  3. Images and fair use
  4. Getting found (SEO/discoverability)
  5. Book publishing tools
  6. eBook formats
  7. Working sessions

Projects from Fall Course

  1. Angie – ezine role-playing gamer (existing business)
  2. Annika – Giddy Spinsters (crafts)
  3. Brian – Design Cachets
  4. Charlie – journal submissions
  5. Holly – Shuttle Tatting (lace) blog
  6. Greg – News aggregator for Anglo-Saxon studies
  7. Maggie – fiction
  8. Mark – Safe + Sound
  9. Michelle – Permaculture (gardening)
  10. Sharon – DowntoEarth (gardening)
  11. Tammy – Writing and Publishing Fiction

What I need from you

  • Your most recent project update/status
  • Three things you want to accomplish by March 2013

What I plan to do

  • Build a site/book right alongside you



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