About WiredPen

I started WiredPen in 2003 as a supplement to the classes I taught at the University of Washington.

WiredPen serves as a digital 3×5 card holder: musings on technology and society, archive of presentations, resources for students. Content focuses blogs and blogging, the economics of digital transformation. Specific issues include network neutrality and the economics of the news industry. Established in the 90s on Blogger and then Typepad, moved to WordPress.com, finally migrated to self-hosted WordPress. Currently hosted at SiteGround.

The name WiredPen reflects that my self-identity as a writer. It is also the name of our LLC for consulting, including writing, seminars and workshops.

Think about the time: this digital stuff was still pretty new. My first digital publication, launched the mid-90s, was called eNetDigest. We no longer need the “e” or “i” to any other word to signal “hey, this is online!” as almost every publication has an online component today.

My first auto-magic publishing platform was Blogger (2001, pre-Google buyout) and then TypePad ($). But once I migrated to WordPress, I never looked back, so to speak. I finally migrated the site to self-hosted WordPress, but it was so large (file size) that I paid WordPress.com folks to do it.

I do have another home (or two) on the web. For personal stuff, go to motorgrrl.com or Life, a blog. For portfolio, resume/vita etc, go to kegill.com.

And for what I’m reading/watching/thinking about today, check out Twitter or Facebook. I sometimes post to Instagram but rarely these days share much at Flickr.




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