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Sophisticated Facebook spoof is targeting people with pages

The spoof is claiming music copyright infringement.

The email subject line: Facebook Copyright
From: Meta for Business 

I’ve been having trouble with my Facebook ad account, so I opened the email.

I read it twice because I don’t post music. I was trying to see what game was afoot, since I checked the email address immediately.

Facebook spoof gmail

The email doesn’t specify which post is offensive.

Universal Publishing Group is a real business but it is in California. I wonder why they didn’t use the right address.

I clicked the link and then laughed out loud. How could Facebook, erh Meta, not have algorithms that flag page names like this?

Meta Intellectual Property

Facebook spoof

I still didn’t see how the game worked. I couldn’t comment on the post.

Facebook spoof

But there is a link in the post.

If you think this is a mistake, please let us know.
https:// facebook-help-50051797424505. web. app/

Facebook spoof gmail

Clearly that link is not to an official Facebook page, but what the hey. I clicked it (in an incognito browser).

That’s when I was stunned. Because they have replicated the Facebook Intellectual Property help page look-and-feel. This is where they are harvesting information.

Facebook spoof
The spoof page has a form for harvesting info. That “copy link” button is not operable.
Facebook spoof
The highlighted areas mark where the spoof failed functionally.

Yes, I’ve reported it.

Here’s GoDaddy’s promo for the “app” domain.

The WhoIs for in on GoogleDomains and masked. It should NOT be possible for commercial domains to mask information.

Web App WhoIs

Web.App resolves to

I’ve reported it, too.

Note: you can’t report that the page is impersonating Facebook itself!

report FB spoof

By Kathy E. Gill

Digital evangelist, speaker, writer, educator. Transplanted Southerner; teach newbies to ride motorcycles! @kegill

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