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Ukraine issues memorial stamp

And then Russian flagship at the center of the stamp sinks.

The timing seems orchestrated by a Hollywood screenwriter.

One month ago, on 13 March 2022, Ukraine announced it would issue a stamp commemorating an infamous battle cry on Snake Island: “Russian warship, go f*** yourself!”

On 12 April 2022, the Ukrainian postal service released the stamp.

On 13 April 2022, #Moskva, the Russian Black Sea fleet flagship missile cruiser pictured on the stamp, blew up. According to Russian statements, the 510 (reportedly) crew members were evacuated.

The most important ship in Russia’s Black Sea fleet, the Moskva missile cruiser, was badly damaged after ammunition on board blew up, Russia said on Thursday.

Earlier, the governor of Odesa said Ukrainian forces had damaged the warship with missile strikes on Wednesday, but did not give any evidence for the claim…

The Mosvka (Moscow) gained notoriety early in Moscow’s war when Ukrainian border troops defending the strategic ‘Snake Island’ were heard in a viral audio recording telling the warship to ‘go f**k yourself’ after its crew called on them to surrender.


The Ukrainian postal website (EN) commerce section is currently not responding: It is not clear if online ordering is available out-of-country.

I will update this information when I know more.

Ukrposhta provides two methods for buying stamps other than in-person in Ukraine:

  1. at the online-shop on the Ukrposhta website (postal mini-market – link above)
  2. from our dealers (for customers from other countries).
    Країна [Country] Дилер
    Адреса, ел.адреса, тел./факс
    [Address, email, tel/fax]
    Німеччина  Philagentur Sueddeutscher Briefmarkenhandel Andrea Werner GmbH Feldbergstr. 57 61440 Oberursel, Germany
    Tel. +49-6171-62820
    Fax +49-6171-628282, 
    Литва Neofila Ltd. P.O. Box 107, LT-50006, Kaunas-5, Lithuania
    США Bombay Philatelic, Inc.
    Tel. +1-561-499-7990
    Fax +1-561-499-7553

It seems obvious how this post relates to technology and society: without the Internet, we would not know about the stamp, the contest would have been impossible (nor would you be able to order a print from the artist), and the news about the ship would not be widespread on Twitter. However, it’s still not featured on Google news.

google news screen cap
Google News, 11:45 pm Pacific, 13 April 2022

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