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Voter suppression, misinformation and how they can rig democracy

Notes from a presentation for CORE, a Corvallis, OR nonprofit that promotes community equity. During the pandemic, they host a monthly virtual meeting where passionate speakers with expertise help demystify current events or issues. Tonight, Jon Pincus and I will talk about voter suppression and disinformation in the context of the November general election. 

This post will provide a link to the recording and resources for anyone interested in tools and techniques to identify disinformation.

Notes and links from the talk


Disinformation resources and tips

Emotion and misinfo/disinfo

How to check a tweet for authenticity

Someone has shared a screen capture of a tweet and you suspect it may not be legit.

If the screen cap includes a date stamp, to go the account timeline:

  • If the person is not too active on Twitter and/or the tweet is not too old, scroll down the page to see if you can spot the tweet
  • If either of those scenarios are false, you’ll want to use the advanced search feature.
    • Put the account name in that field (remember the @ )
    • Search by date or search by key words
  • If the account is Donald Trump’s, consider search the TrumpTwitterArchive (easier and faster!).


Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers

Read the book online.

Organizations focused voting rights

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