COVID-19, around the country in charts, 21 June

COVID-19 case numbers are trending up across the country. Highlights from the northeast, south, midwest and west.

As you can see from the following charts, very few states display a steadily downward trend in daily per capita case numbers (logarithmic).

The US west and south regions (as defined by the US Census Bureau) are showing an upward trend. The most definitive downward trend is the northwest, which is driven by the March outbreak in New York and New Jersey which has come under control.

For each region, I have highlighted states with upward per capita movement in cases.

The federal recommendation for reopening is that states have 14 days of steadily downward trending case numbers (in absolute numbers) before allowing more freedom for people to gather. This recommendation has been ignored.

By region

Note: there is no generally accepted definition for what constitutes US regions. This tool uses Census Bureau regions.

census bureau regions

Regions: South, West, Midwest, Northeast

US covid-19 by region


Northeast Region COVID-19


Southeast (FL, GA, SC, US)




COVID-19 southern states


COVID-19 MidWest

South Central (AZ, TX, OK,US)

South Central


COVID-19 western us


Prior around the country in charts

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By Kathy E. Gill

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