One big thing: Vitamin D and COVID-19

Global research is suggesting that low levels of Vitamin D may increase risk of COVID-19 severity. This preliminary research does not mean you should take mega-doses of Vitamin D! That’s not good for you.

But it does suggest you should check with your doctor about your Vitamin D levels. 

🔬 From Ireland – 11 May

… the data suggests that [Vitamin D] is also likely to reduce serious COVID-19 complications.

Vitamin D research

Association between vitamin D levels and mortality from COVID-19. Trinity College Dublin News, 11 May 2020. Read the journal article.

🔬 From Northwestern University – 07 May

Vitamin D may suppress cytokine storm in COVID19 patients. Data from 10 countries suggest patients with vitamin D deficiency were 2x as likely to experience severe complications, including death.

“Not only does vitamin D enhance our innate immune systems, it also prevents our immune systems from becoming dangerously overactive.” Analysis suggests Vitamin D could reduce the mortality rate by as much as half – researcher Vadim Backman.

The 10 countries: China, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States.

Vitamin D appears to play role in COVID-19 mortality ratesNorthwestern University Now, 07 May. Read the submitted journal article at medRxIV.

🔬 India – 05 May

Analysis of 176 elderly (least 60 years) patients for Vitamin D levels

“awareness of Vitamin D benefits in fighting infections, such as COVID-19, should be disseminated especially to the vulnerable elderly population”

Vitamin D research

Vitamin D Level of Mild and Severe Elderly Cases of COVID-19: A Preliminary Report Read the research report at SSRN.

🔬 Indonesia – 30 April

This was a retrospective cohort study.

“Results revealed that majority of the death cases were male and older and had pre-existing condition and below normal Vitamin D serum level”

Vitamin D

Patterns of COVID-19 Mortality and Vitamin D: An Indonesian Study. Read the research report at SSRNImage from LI.

🔬 Louisiana – 28 April

This was an early and small sample. However, it is very suggestive.

  • Vitamin D insufficiency in ICU patients: 84.6%.
  • In floor patients: 57.1%

“This small, retrospective observational study suggests a link between [Vitamin D insufficiency] and severe COVID-19.”

Vitamin D Insufficiency is Prevalent in Severe COVID-19. Read the proposed journal article at medRxIV.

🔬 Philippines – 09 April

“Of 49 patients with mild symptoms of Covid-19 in three hospitals in southern Asian countries, only two had low levels of vitamin D; of 104 patients with critical or severe symptoms, only four did not have low levels of vitamin D.”

Who is at risk from low levels of Vitamin D?

  • dark-skinned people (pigment blocks sunlight)
  • obese people (the vitamin gets sequestered in fat cells)
  • type-2 diabetics (vitamin D improves the body’s sensitivity to insulin);
  • the elderly
  • city dwellers

Vitamin D research

From Matt Ridley’s May article in The Telegraph (on his blog).
Read the research article at SSRN.

The current research that links Vitamin D with symptom severity rests on a foundation of research that illustrates how Vitamin D supports the immune system.

🔬 Research from February 2017

Researchers reviewed 25 randomized controlled trials (total 11,321 participants, aged 0 to 95 years). They determined that Vitamin D supplementation was “safe”, and it “protected against acute respiratory tract infection overall.”

Read the journal article: Vitamin D supplementation to prevent acute respiratory tract infections: systematic review and meta-analysis of individual participant dataBMJ, 15 February 2017.

🔬 Research from September 2008

The case for Vitamin D supplements, Harvard Medical School.

Vitamin D research


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