Which governors have issued stay-at-home orders?

With no national mandate for staying-at-home, the country reflects a crazy quilt of gubernatorial actions. Updated 03 April: 41 states and DC now have orders.

[Updated 7 April 2020]

“Folks, April stands to be very tough, and potentially very deadly,” Alabama Governor Kay Ivey.

Gubernatorial directives to keep people at home to slow the spread of the virus SARS-CoV-2 began in California on 19 March. They have quickly been adopted across the country.

South Carolina became the 42nd state to join the club with an order on 06 April that went into effect at 5 pm the following day.

However, both Georgia and Florida governors relaxed their orders. In Florida, churches are permitted to congregate. In Georgia, beaches are open.

When Georgia governor Brian Kemp said he would issue an order calling for state-wide sheltering in place to begin, he said was only now “finding out that this virus is now transmitting before people see signs.” If that’s true, he’s been in a Faraday cage.

There are now 42 states plus the District of Columbia that are following the recommendations of epidemiologists.

Their goal: to “flatten the curve” of infection. Because no one (except someone who has already be infected, we believe) has immunity to this new (“novel”) virus, the odds are high that exposure will equal sickness.

Just how sick depends on a variety of risk factors, which include age and chronic health conditions, such as asthma, a heart condition, diabetes or obesity. Also at risk: anyone who is immune compromised, such as cancer patients in active treatment.

Slowing the rate of infection reduces peak demand on health care facilities (flattening the curve). There is no vaccine nor a cure for coronavirus.

Stay at home order timeline

No action: AK, IA, ND, NE, SD
Some action:  OK, UT, WY


All governors have previously issued a state of emergency:


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One reply on “Which governors have issued stay-at-home orders?”

It irks me that the eligible people living in the “no action” states will all receive their $1200 just like those who have been locked down for close to a month. Will they sock it away for when/if the virus shuts down their state? Blow it on frivilous expenditures? Something in between? I know Congress needed an easy solution, but there should have been at least SOME strrings attached to make it more fair. And what happens when/if those states do lock down and people lose jobs? Will they get MORE money?

And there’s also the unfairness of the fact that those still working get the same as those unemployed/underemployed by this. What a mess!

“Some get the gravy. Some get the grissle. Some get the marrow bonw. Some get nothing, though there’s plenty to spare.” Joni Micthell – Banquet

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