COVID-19 discovered cases – 04 March 2020

California reported its first death from COVID-19; New York’s case load jumped from two to 11; and New Hampshire has two presumptive cases. Washington reported 12 more cases and one more death.

At the end of the business day, Microsoft told Puget Sound employees “who are in a job that can be done from home should do so through March 25th.” The company employs nearly 54,000 in Washington. Half of Microsoft’s facilities in mainland China have limited services.

In New York, nine people who are connected to the 50 year old lawyer reported on Tuesday have tested positive.

British Columbia, Canada, has tested more than 1,000 people for the virus. They have 13 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Wednesday; and four of those patients have fully recovered.

Data support Memo from a News Hound, 04 March 2020.

It is important to remember that tests are only now becoming somewhat widely available as states labs implement testing.

Nationally there are a total of 80 cases according to the CDC and 159 cases according to Johns Hopkins. Thirteen states are reporting cases.

04 March, domestic

  1. Arizona: 2 cases
  2. California:  53 cases (24 are from repatriation flights)
  3. Florida: 2 cases
  4. Georgia: 2 cases
  5. Illinois: 4 cases
  6. New Hampshire: 2 cases (presumptive)
  7. New York: 11 cases
  8. North Carolina: 1 case
  9. Massachusetts: 1 case
  10. Oregon: 3 cases
  11. Rhode Island: 2 cases
  12. Texas: 11 cases (all from repatriation flights)
  13. Washington: 39 cases
  14. Wisconsin: 1 case

04 March, global

  • Globally: 93,090 confirmed (2223 new)
  • China: 80,422 confirmed (120 new) and 2984 deaths (38 new)
  • Outside of China: 12,668 confirmed (2103 new) in 76 countries (4 new) with 214 deaths (48 new)

WHO Situation report, 44

  • Global confirmed: 95,416
  • Total deaths: 3,286
  • Total recovered: 53,297

Johns Hopkins interactive dashboard

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