COVID-19 discovered cases – 01 March 2020

On Saturday, 29 February, public health officials announced that a King County man had died after being diagnosed with coronavirus/COVID-19. His was not only the first death in the U.S. but also appeared to be via community spread. That is, he had not traveled to an affected country and had no known contact with someone who had. He was in his 50s and had underlying health issues.

Officials announced on Sunday that a second Washington man, a patient in his 70s at EvergreenHealth, had died of the disease on Saturday.

Data support Memo from a News Hound, 01 March 2020.

01 March, domestic

01 March, global

  • Globally: 87,137 confirmed (1,739 new)
  • China: 79,968 confirmed (579 new) and 2,873 deaths (35 new)
  • Outside of China: 7,169 confirmed (1,160 new) in 58 countries (5 new) and 104 deaths (18 new)

Situation report, 41

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