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Hurricane Irma news streams and webcams

News video streams and selected local webcams as Hurricane Irma barrels down on Florida and Georgia.

The miracle of personal broadcasting … brings live webcams from Florida. This is a selected list based on this news story at NOLA; not all of the webcams are embeddable. Plus, if all were embedded, the page might never load. [Note: will add streams from Georgia and points north as Irma moves north.]

Follow the hurricane news via this curated Twitter list or head over to NOAA’s hurricane center.

Finally, an important clarification about the forecast cone. It is the possible range of paths the center of the hurricane might take. It is NOT the size of the hurricane.

This map is made even more confusing if a black line is placed in the middle of the cone… People may see that line not as a visual aid to emphasize the center of the cone (right), but as the most probable path (wrong)…

“Based on predictive simulations of past hurricanes, there are 2 out of 3 chances that the path of the center of the hurricane could be anywhere within this cone, and a 1 out of 3 chance it will be outside of it.”

See this animation to get a better feel for the size of Irma:


News feeds

Washington Post
Watch four cameras tracking Hurricane Irma

Fort Meyers / FOX4

Miami / WPLG 10

West Palm Beach / NBC/WPTV 5

Site-specific webcams

Key West, Florida

All four are offline / 10 pm Pacific


Tampa, Florida

University of Tampa

Video clips

Miami, Saturday morning

This video has been reported as being Matthew, not Irma. Don’t trust a “news” person?



Featured image: NOAA

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