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Cats request treats by ringing a bell

Japanese cats request treats by ringing a bell; their promotional tweet is a video sensation. It’s been pirated widely, too.

Who knew kitties could act so … dog-like? This video (Japanese, Order side by side) is a sensation!

Who shot the video? What’s the back story of the cats? All we know is what we see in the tweet. Quick video critique: good framing (not symmetrical); nice optics (high gloss table); good use of the rule of thirds; nice neutral but textured background. Having two different ring tones is an inspired touch, as well.

You may see the video reproduced on major websites (e.g., Food&Wine, TheMirror) but you won’t learn anything new.

Google Translate, while rudimentary, sheds light some light, as does the Twitter profile imagery:

Twitter Kitty

  • It’s clear that the cat on the left is the star
  • The profile title: Neko Navi Editorial Department @ VR Movie is being released
  • The cats may be named Buruuru & Teruuri
  • There’s an earlier VR clip (smartphones only, per a tweet)


The two cats can also be seen on YouTube in a video licensed by JukinMedia in January.

And they made a hit on Twitter last year, too, but with far less refined production techniques:


Like all things YouTube, piracy is rampant. Google could do something about this, if they wanted to. But they don’t. Here are the latest video (side by side) pirates:


Although these Japanese kitties might be this weekend’s sensation, by no means are they the first cats to ring a bell for treats. (Who knew?)

This YouTube compilation (yet more piracy) is from 2015. It looks like it may feature our black-and-white kitty:


Just say NO to video piracy! Take a few moments and find the original. Shame the others.

One day, it might be you who is in the right place at the right time for a scoop.

By Kathy E. Gill

Digital evangelist, speaker, writer, educator. Transplanted Southerner; teach newbies to ride motorcycles! @kegill

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