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Donald Trump’s America: week four

Highlights from this week’s (11-17 February) episode of Donald Trump’s America includes continued court losses and ethics issues.

This week’s (11-17 February) episode of Donald Trump’s America brings us the following:

Day 29, 17 February 2017

Day 28, 16 February 2017

Day 26, 15 February 2017

  • Andrew Puzder Withdraws From Consideration as Labor Secretary.
    Republican senators who expressed concerns included Susan Collins (ME), Johnny Isakson (GA), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Rob Portman (OH), John Thune (SD),  Thom Tillis (NC), and Tim Scott (SC).
  • The FBI released 400 pages of records from the government’s race discrimination investigation into Trump’s real estate company.  “In October 1973, the Civil Rights Division filed a lawsuit against Trump Management Company, Donald Trump and his father Fred Trump, alleging that African-Americans and Puerto Ricans were systematically excluded from apartments. The Trumps responded with a $100 million countersuit accusing the government of defamation.” The parties settled the litigation with a consent decree in 1975.
  • TWITTER: Trump castigated the media (“fake news”).

Day 26, 14 February 2017

Day 25, 13 February 2017

Day 24, 12 February 2017

Day 23, 11 February 2017


Cabinet Tracker (link provides current information)

  • February 16: Scott Pruitt confirmed as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (52-46)
  • February 16: Mick Mulvaney confirmed as Director of the Office of Management and Budget (51-49, McCain voted with the minority)
  • February 14: Linda E. McMahon confirmed as Administrator of the Small Business Administration (81-19)
  • February 13: David J. Shulkin confirmed as Secretary of Veterans Affairs (unanimous)
  • February 13: Steve Mnuchin confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury (53-47, Manchin III voted with the majority)
  • February 10: Tom Price confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services (52-47)
  • February 8: Jeff Sessions confirmed as Attorney General (52-47)
  • February 7: Betsy DeVos confirmed as Secretary of Education (50-50, tie cast by Vice President Pence)
  • February 1: Rex Tillerson confirmed as Secretary of State (56-43)
  • January 31: Elaine L. Chao confirmed as Secretary of Transportation (93-6)
  • January 24: Nikki R. Haley confirmed as Ambassador to the United Nations (96-4)
  • January 23: Mike Pompeo confirmed as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (66-32)
  • January 20: John Kelly confirmed as Secretary of Homeland Security (88–11)
  • January 20: James Mattis confirmed as Secretary of Defense (98–1)

See to track your Senators.

By Kathy E. Gill

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