No, 1928 was not the last time Rs controlled all branches of the U.S. government

1928 was last time Republicans had the White House, the House and the Senate. – Ann Coulter

In case you see THIS meme … know that it (and Ann Coulter) is WRONG.

Because for four years, President George W. Bush (the younger) and the Republicans controlled both the House and Senate.

Bush and Congress

Balance of power in Congress, 2001-2009 // GR stands for “Great Recession”


As a general statement, in the modern era Americans seem to prefer the compromises forced by having elected officials with power in both parties.

Not only that, 1928 marked the 10th year the Rs had control of all three branches of government, and it was followed in 1929 by the Great Depression.

20s Congress

Balance of power in Congress, 1901-1929 // GD stands for “Great Depression”


In the modern era (since President Truman), Clinton and Obama each had one two-year period where Democrats controlled the House and Senate. Eisenhower had one two-year period where Republicans controlled the House and Senate.

One more factoid that has not been shared often enough:

Since Truman, only Reagan-Bush kept the White House under the same party control for more than eight years (two terms).

See the original chart.

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