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Tracking Trump’s Support Among Women

A much higher percentage of female Republican senators than female Republican Representatives oppose the presidential candidacy of Donald J. Trump.

A much higher percentage of female Republican senators than female Republican Representatives oppose the presidential candidacy of Donald J. Trump.

In the wake of #trumpTapes released on Friday October 7, I’m tracking prominent GOP women on Donald Trump’s candidacy for president of the United States.

Most Senators have called on Trump to step aside; most Representatives have not. There are 28 GOP women in Congress.

U.S. Senate

  1. AK – Lisa Murkowski – step aside
  2. IA – Joni Ernstcriticized but has not rescinded support 
  3. ME – Susan Collins – denounced (will not support) in August
  4. NE – Deb Fischer – step aside for Pence
  5. NH – Kelly Ayotte – write in Pence
  6. WV – Shelly Moore Capito“re-examine” candidacy 

Which of these Senators are up for re-election? Ayotte (NY) and Murkowski (AK).

U.S. House of Representatives

  1. AL – Martha Roby – joined the Alabama delegation in withdrawing endorsement
  2. AZ – Martha McSally – will not endorse Trump
  3. CA – Mimi WaltersTwitter silence
  4. FL – Ileana Ros-Lehtinen – will not vote for Trump
  5. IN – Jackie WalorskiTwitter silence; criticized comments
  6. IN – Susan Brookscriticized comments
  7. KS – Lynn JenkinsTwitter silence; criticized comments
  8. MI – Candice MillerTwitter silence; criticized comments
  9. MO – Ann Wagner – withdraws support, endorses Pence
  10. MO – Vicki HartzlerTwitter silence; criticized comments
  11. NC – Renee EllmersTwitter silence; first woman in Congress to endorse Trump
  12. NC – Virginia FoxxTwitter silence
  13. ND – Kristi NoemTwitter silence
  14. NY – Elise StefanikTwitter silence; criticized comments
  15. TN – Diane BlackTwitter silence
  16. TN – Marsha BlackburnTwitter silence; Trump “surrogate”
  17. TX – Kay Granger – Twitter silence; has not endorsed Trump
  18. UT – Mia Love – Trump should step aside
  19. VA – Barbara Comstock – Trump should step aside
  20. WA – Cathy McMorris Rodgers, House GOP Conference Chair – Twitter silence; criticized comments
  21. WA – Jaime Herrera BeutlerTwitter silence
  22. WY – Cynthia LummisTwitter silence


All U.S. Representative positions are subject to election every two years.

Which of these GOP women are not running for re-electionMiller (MI) and Lummis (WY).

Other national women GOP leaders

These former national security professionals who worked with Republican presidents oppose Trump, saying “he would be the most reckless President in American history.”

  • Mary Beth Long, former assistant secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
  • Meghan O’Sullivan, former deputy national security advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Kristen Silverberg, former assistant secretary of state for International Organization
  • Shirin R. Tahir-Kheli, former special assistant to the President and senior director for
    Democracy, Human Rights and International Operations, National Security Council, The White House


Other lists of GOP leaders (male and female) who do not support Trump

Quote source // updated 11:15 pm Pacific, 9 October

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