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Digital Sparks // The Walter Scott edition

1. Man who filmed S.C. police shooting: Maybe God ‘put me there for some reason’.
Santana laid low, frightened for days, both before and again after he handed the video over to the Scott family.”

2. Blacks Are Killed By Police At A Higher Rate In South Carolina And The U.S.
Over the past five years, 43% of the people killed by SC cops have been black; only 29% of population (2013).

3. South Carolina Police Shooting Seen as Crime Strategy Gone Awry.
They serve and protect when they feel like serving and protecting. But when they feel like harassing, they do that.

4. Walter Scott and South Carolina History.
It’s crucial to point out that had the bystander not turned on his smartphone camera, that creaky counter-narrative—I thought he was reaching for my weapon—would almost certainly have given Slager a pass.”

walter scott

:: Credits: 1. Washington Post   2. Five-Thirty-Eight   3. NY Times   4. New Yorker   Photo: Screen capture from video of shooting

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