How to block auto-play video in Chrome

If you’ve ever visited a website with auto-play video and yelled in frustration as a result … this tip is for you.

To disable auto-play plugins in Chrome, go to settings

  • Type this in a browser tab: chrome://settings/
  • Or navigate to settings by clicking on the “hamburger” on the top right side of the browser and then select “Settings”

    Chrome settings

    How to managed Chrome settings

From settings, navigate to privacy content

  • Select advanced settings, which a text link at the bottom of the screen
    Chrome select advanced settings
  • Scroll to privacy and select content
    Chrome privacy settings

Change plugin default settings

Chrome block auto play

Change the default settings for how plug-ins behave


Many many thanks to @alphast:


The result, however, isn’t very pretty. I wish I could “see” the video but have the choice of when or if to start play:

Chrome Flash blocked

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