Another archive post ….

These are all of my Newsvine posts — January 2006, while it was still beta, to December 2012. (I really used to write A Lot!)


  1. Community-based citizen journalist coverage…
  2. Guest post: Joseph Kony is not in Uganda (and other complicated things) | FP Passport
  3. Komen CEO Compensation Tweet Rings False
  4. Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act.
  5. YouTube Politics: Will You Be At Obama’s Google+ Hangout Monday?
  6. Social and the 2012 Presidential Election


  1. A Call For Political Transparency
  2. My Life With Apple
  3. Online Gamers Crack Challenge, Move Researchers Closer To AIDS Cure
  4. Gulf War Syndrome Appears To Be Physical Brain Damage, Not Psychological Issue
  5. 9-11, Hysteria and Women’s Health
  6. Andrea Mitchell Tells The World She Has Breast Cancer, Confuses Risk With Prevalence
  7. Congress + The FAA + U.S. Airlines = What’s Wrong With America
  8. Making Sense Of The #UKRiots
  9. Glenn Beck & Hitler Youth : Tracking The Story
  10. On Crime and Punishment: Shining A Light On Norwegian Prison Sentences
  11. Meme Correction: Norwegians Can Be Incarcerated For More Than 21 Years For Murder
  12. Attack On Norway Takes Me Back In Time
  13. Eric Cantor & Betting On Default
  14. Murdoch’s Properties Go On The Offensive
  15. Debt Ceiling Increases Since FDR (Crowdsourcing Request)
  16. Mea Culpas In The Digital Era
  17. Worth Remembering: Republicans Usually Support Debt Ceiling Increases
  18. Farm Program Article Misses Mark By A Mile
  19. Microsoft + Skype + Facebook : Cause For Celebration, Yawn or Alarm?
  20. Astroturf Alert: Guess Who Is Leading The Battle To Force Amazon To Pay Sales Taxes?
  21. Someone Help Me Make Sense Of These Numbers
  22. Utah Gunman Updates Facebook During Standoff; Media Framing Helps Incite Virtual Lynch Mob
  23. Politics, Mental Health and America’s Obsession With Sex
  24. About That NJ Court Ruling and Bloggers … It’s Not What You Think
  25. Revolving Door Alert: Evan Bayh
  26. Too Late? Weiner’s Mea Culpa
  27. Foto Friday : Spring Flowers
  28. Have Republicans Voted To “End Medicare”?
  29. Congress Renews Patriot Act, Obama Signs Remotely
  30. Urban Outfitters v Indie Artist : Artist Wins Using Social Media
  31. Student Loans, Private Universities and NPR
  32. How The White House Lost Message Control
  33. Chasing A Meme: The Twain Quote That Isn’t
  34. Why Osama bin Laden “Won” His Fight: How America Has Changed Since 9-11
  35. How The Osama bin Laden Story Spread On Twitter
  36. Mixing Media: Social Movements and Popular Culture
  37. Commerce Secretary Locke’s Digital Identity Initiative Rests On Flawed Justification
  38. I’m Back. Again.
  39. Making Sense Of The NewsCorp Phone Hacking Scandal
  40. Post-Fukushima Shakes: Just How Scared Should We Be?
  41. Explainer: Why Japan Isn’t Chernobyl (Everything You Need To Know About Nuclear Power)
  42. Explainer: Earthquakes and Tsunamis
  43. Pacific Rim, Including Hawaii, Under Tsunami Warning
  44. Foto Friday: Whidbey Island Wine Tour
  45. Unemployment Drops? I Don’t Believe It
  46. Album Art Game: Onium
  47. Huckabee Off The Rails; A Chronology Of Obama’s Childhood
  48. Politics, Twitter and Public Life
  49. Cellphone Use Tied to Changes in Brain Activity
  50. Internet Grows To More Than 205 Million Domain Names
  51. Gates Warns Against More Wars Like Iraq and Afghanistan
  52. WikiLeaks Triggers New Wave of Disruption Across Latin America
  53. This Is Why Americans Vote Against Economic Self-Interest
  54. Amazon Prime Customers Get Free Movie Streaming
  55. Ubersocial Bounces Back
  56. The Chart of Shame
  57. House Kills IPCC Funding: More Culture War Legislation Via Budget Vote
  58. House Defunds Planned Parenthood : Culture Wars 2011
  59. Foto Friday : At The Dog Park
  60. House Says “No Money Available” For FCC To Implement Net Neutrality Rules
  61. The President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2012 [Kindle Edition]
  62. Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack
  63. Spy games: Inside the convoluted plot to bring down WikiLeaks
  64. Foto Friday : February Mix
  65. Egyptian History : A Short Timeline
  66. Pentagon Program Moves Forward On Brain-Controlled Prosthetic
  67. An Explanation
  68. The right-wing narrative about Clinton, the Oklahoma bombing, and Obama
  69. Sarah Palin and “Blood Libel’
  70. Dear Newsvine: Please Fix MSNBC Links
  71. How Ballmer courted U.S. Dept of Interior deal, and how Google won injunction
  72. New Year’s Chocolate Pecan Pie


  1. FCC Passes Controversial Net Neutrality Rules
  2. Rewards For Those Who Wait? BestBuy Holiday iPad Bundle Thru New Year’s
  3. British companies secretly provide the US with drugs used for executions
  4. Senate Vote on DADT
  5. Leaked Memo Shows EPA Doubts About Possible Honey Bee-Killing Pesticide
  6. Appeals Court Holds that e-mail Privacy Protected by Fourth Amendment
  7. Gawker Media, McDonald’s, Walgreen All Report Cyber Security Breaches
  8. Washington State Legislature Calls Budget-Cutting Saturday Session
  9. Wikileaks, the Defense of Diplomatic Secrecy, and East Timor
  10. MasterCard Pulls Plug On WikiLeaks Donations
  11. The U.S. Government’s Extra-Judicial Attack On WikiLeaks Is Wrong
  12. Charlie Stross On WikiLeaks
  13. WikiLeaks: On Balance, Transparency Trumps Secrecy
  14. Sen. Jon Kyl On The New START
  15. Foto Friday : Seattle’s Deep Freeze
  16. Tom DeLay: The Back Story
  17. Traditions: Cooking For The Holidays
  18. 2009 Transportation Act Prohibits WBI Use As Primary Screening Tool
  19. TSA Chief Defends Body Imaging, (Falsely) Asserts It Would Have Foiled Christmas Bomber
  20. Calling A Spade A Spade: Time To End TSA Theatre And Corporate Profiteering
  21. Rethinking The Federal Budget Mess: Part 3, Defense Spending
  22. Rethinking The Federal Budget Mess: Part 2, Taxes
  23. Rethinking The Federal Budget Mess: Part 1, Social Security
  24. Washington On Political Parties
  25. 2010 Election Survey: Washington State Initiatives
  26. Money and Politics: Super Rich Shape State Battles
  27. Why I’ve Been AWOL
  28. Andrew Breitbart Stirs The ABC News Pot
  29. ABC, CBS and NBC are blocking TV programming on their websites from being viewable on Google Inc.’s new Web-TV service
  30. NewsCorp Blocks,
  31. Clarence Thomas’s Wife Asks Anita Hill for Apology
  32. Wiretapping the Internet
  33. How Handwriting Boosts The Brain
  34. Foto Friday : Rain and Sun
  35. Wealth and Inequality In America
  36. Feds Lift Moratorium On Deepwater Oil Drilling
  37. On Internet Censorship : ACTA and COICA
  38. NYT Profile of Pamela Geller, Who Launched The Fight Against The “Ground Zero Mosque”
  39. Small Business Tax Credit Tucked Into Health Care Bill
  40. First Thoughts On Facebook Groups
  41. Americans See Congress As ‘Bickering,’ And Unproductive
  42. Moments Matter: The Tyler Clementi Tragedy
  43. Tea Party-backed Carl Paladino gets millions in tax breaks, but creates just a handful of jobs
  44. Nathalie Dupree Joins Crowded South Carolina Senate Race
  45. Friday Fotos
  46. Why Is This News? Folks Without Kids In School Think Education System Is Broken
  47. USDA Beagle Brigade Sniffs For Food
  48. Merit Pay Does Not Improve Student Performance: 3 Year Study
  49. Who Is “Multi-Format Inc”?
  50. Economic history should be at the heart of economics instruction
  51. Hydrangea In September Rain
  52. Seattle Public Schools Gag Local Blogger
  53. The real Facebook burglaries story
  54. Revisionist History, Part N+1
  55. Tea Party Victories Mark Death of “Compassionate Conservatism”
  56. Compassion Is Great, Just NIMBY
  57. Corn Syrup Gets Rebranded “Corn Sugar” | That’s The Hope, Anyway
  58. On Burning Qur’ans To Get Attention
  59. Foto Friday : iPhone Manipulation
  60. Update #3: Qur’an Burning On “Hold”
  61. The Day The World Changed
  62. Burning The Qur’an, Literally and Figuratively, Take Two
  63. Android Is As Open As The Clenched Fist I’d Like To Punch The Carriers With
  64. Positive urban graduation trends have reversed since NCLB
  65. Iraq: What Changed On September 1st?
  66. Ford Settles After Jury Awards $131M In Roll-Over Accident
  67. Turning Children into Data: A Skeptic’s Guide to Assessment Programs
  68. HISTORICAL DOCUMENT: Congress Passes $1.35 Trillion Tax Cut: Lawmakers Hand Bush A Big Legislative Victory
  69. The future of the internet: A virtual counter revolution
  70. Real Americans, Please Stand Up : Dick Cavett on Racism, Mosque Controversy
  71. $131 M Verdict Against Ford; Media AWOL
  72. What America Has Lost: It’s clear we overreacted to 9/11.
  73. Faux Change: Blackwater Hijinks
  74. How To End The Great Recession
  75. The Journalistic Perils of “Exclusive Access”
  76. Wealthy lawmakers increased their riches as U.S. economy sputtered in ’09
  77. Put the millionaires’ tax money to good use
  78. CEOs With Most Layoffs Have More Compensation
  79. Thinking About Critical Thinking
  80. Apple’s Ping: First Thoughts
  81. Fact Checking Glenn Beck
  82. Clash of the Blogosphere Titans
  83. “We Could Not Have Known…”
  84. Murkowski concedes Alaska primary race
  85. Vigil Draws 150 in Support of Tennessee Mosque
  86. Iraq: Uniform unease
  87. Counting heads : the science behind numbers at the Glenn Beck rally
  88. Founding Fathers, Deists, Orthodox Christians, and the Spiritual Context of 18th Century America
  89. Chinese man with no arms plays piano with toes : YouTube
  90. Marc Ambinder tried to report on Ken Mehlman’s sexual orientation years ago
  91. How inequality is at the root of the Great Recession
  92. Mission Not Accomplished
  93. Ninth Circuit Court Rules in Favor of Warrantless GPS Tracking
  94. Wal-Mart Asks Supreme Court to Hear Bias Suit
  95. Map: Modern Distribution of World Religions
  96. A Case For Religious History Classes, Take 2 : Newt Gingrich On “The Mosque”
  97. Monsanto’s 2010 lobbying bill: $4.74 million (Jan-June)
  98. Corporate Electioneering Is Bribery, Not Free Speech
  99. History of Religion : Boy Are We Dumb
  100. Marines Refuse To Attend Honors Funeral Of Convicted Murderer
  101. John McCain beats J.D. Hayworth in GOP Senate race
  102. Economy Caught in Depression, Not Recession: Rosenberg
  103. New Poll: 1-in-4 Americans Thinks Obama Is Muslim
  104. Jonah Goldberg: Caring about Muslims is a hate crime against Real Americans
  105. State Department compares Park 51 Imam to Shirley Sherrod
  106. U.S. Ends War it Couldn’t Win; Leaves Behind Ruined Nation
  107. From Polytheism To Monotheism : A Quest For Power?
  108. Real Americans, Please Stand Up – Opinionator Blog –
  109. Covert Operations:The Billionaire Brothers Who Are Waging A War Against Obama.
  110. What’s wrong with living in One Nation Under God?
  111. Only $5 Million Left for Republican National Committee At End of July
  112. Mosque Developers Aren’t Planning To Discuss Relocation
  113. Enough is Enough with this Mosque Foolishness
  114. Karen Hughes: Move the New York City mosque, as a sign of unity
  115. Let’s deport Karen Hughes. And Howard Dean and Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin.
  116. Recognizing the Historic Meaning in the Present Moment
  117. Too Little, Too Late: AP Finally Provides Some Facts About The Fabricated Mosque Controversy
  118. Tribalism And Constitutional Rights : Half Of Us Are Bigots
  119. Poll: Nearly One In Five Americans Think Obama is a Muslim
  120. PSA: Annoyance With Empty Profiles
  121. A Critical Look At The NYC Mosque Polling Data
  122. Senate Candidates Tackle Congressional Revolving Door
  123. In defense of a mosque near ground zero
  124. The Mosque Near Ground Zero: Sense and sensitivity
  125. How to get past the zero-sum debate over planned mosque near Ground Zero
  126. There Has Been a Mosque Near Ground Zero Since 1970 – Same Year the World Trade Center Opened
  127. Target Is A Target After Political Contribution From Regular Business Account
  128. Moody Forecasts Union Pension Fund Failures
  129. Obama Sees New Lows in Job Approval
  130. Politicians Continue To Pander; Now It’s A Democrat
  131. US Plans $60 Billion Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia
  132. ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Imam Was A Bush-Era Partner For Mideast Peace
  133. Secret Assault on Terrorism Widens on Two Continents
  134. The Christian paradox: How a faithful nation gets Jesus wrong
  135. Burning The Qur’an, Literally and Figuratively
  136. Congress Ranks Last In Trusted Institutions Poll
  137. Four Deformations of the Apocalypse : David Stockman On Today’s Republican Party’s Fiscal Irresponsibility
  138. Reagan Insider: GOP Destroyed the Economy
  139. CBS: Spokesman confirms Stevens has died in crash
  140. Robert Gibbs attacks the fringe losers of the left
  141. Google-Verizon NN pact riddled with gaping loopholes
  142. From Google and Verizon, a path to an open Internet
  143. A Case For Religious History Classes
  144. Exotic Deals Put Denver Schools Deeper in Debt
  145. Confessions of a Gay Weapon of Marital Destruction
  146. Marriage Is a Fundamental Constitutional Right
  147. Kagan To Be Sworn In Saturday; Votes Becoming More Polarized
  148. Motorcyclist Escapes Death In Amazing Crash
  149. MV Agusta Is Italian Again!
  150. Coca Cola: No Consumer Could Reasonably Think Vitaminwater Is Healthy
  151. Trust Us, We’re Corporations
  152. Amusement Firm Yanks Obama Target Practice
  153. The Challenge of Scientific Illiteracy
  154. Quoted Out Of Context: NYT On ScienceBlogs Controversy
  155. July Deadliest Month For U.S. Forces in Afghanistan
  156. Revolving Door: OMB Nominee Jacob Lew received a $900,000+ bonus from Citigroup post-bailout
  157. Big Think Talks With Jere Van Dyk About The War In Afghanistan
  158. More Billions For Afghanistan, Iraq War; Where’s The Outrage?
  159. ACLU: Establishing a New Normal
  160. Newsvine Blog Flagged For Malware?
  161. 6-in-10 Americans Worry About Food Supply Safety
  162. Who Rules America : Wealth, Income, and Power
  163. Coast Guard unsure when new leaking well will be shut
  164. Have the Democrats Blown it for a Generation?
  165. Breitbart Smear : “A Time For Action”
  166. Same Docs, Different Stories : CJR Looks At WikiLeaks Coverage
  167. Breitbart to headline RNC fundraiser
  168. ‘I Enjoy Crushing Bastards’
  169. Money & Politics: Big Oil and the Revolving Door
  170. BP’s PR Challenged CEO Tony Hayward to Leave Company Shortly
  171. The Senate Filibuster: Reid’s Rhetorical Excess
  172. Milwaukee sinkhole that gobbled car, stoplight: Will it grow?
  173. Tom Tancredo Jumps The Shark
  174. More than 100 ‘Earth-like’ planets discovered in past few weeks
  175. Black Farmers Await Discrimination Settlement
  176. Shirley Sherrod: The messy backlash of a 24/7 media
  177. Breitbart A Modern-Day Hearst; As Yellow Journalism
  178. Officials Take Home Government Salaries, Plus Pay from BP
  179. Lax Federal Oversight Detailed At BP Blowout Hearing
  180. Wa Post on Top-Secret America
  181. Sentencing This Week For Nail-Polish Driver
  182. On The Media and AntennaGate
  183. The iPad Revolution
  184. Consumer Report iPhone4 study flawed
  185. No Stampede To Return iPhone 4
  186. FBI director Robert Mueller letter to Kenny MacAskill on release of Lockerbie bomber
  187. Doc Admits Libyan Government Paid Him To Falsely Diagnose Al-Megrahi,
  188. On Libya and Political Expediency
  189. Why There Are So Many Clouds In June in the NW
  190. Why Tabs Are on Top In Firefox4
  191. Supreme Court Upholds Petition Disclosure
  192. Chinese News Group Makes Bid For Newsweek
  193. CEO of Pandora Web Radio on Facebook Privacy, the Mobile Boom
  194. Ex-media baron Black’s fraud conviction set aside
  195. Facebook Unleashes Open Graph Search Engine, Declares War On Google
  196. Senate Committee Approves Lieberman’s CyberSecurity Bill
  197. “He Said, She Said” Journalism and Climate Change
  198. User Photos of iPhone4 Lines Around From Around The World
  199. Comscore: YouTube Streams All-Time High of 14.6 Billion Videos Viewed
  200. The Politico Opens the Kimono. And then Pretends it Never Happened.
  201. Thoughts on Jon Stewart’s “The Cost of Energy Independence”
  202. CNN Drops AP
  203. BP Has Options to Limit Liability From The Oil Blowout
  204. Joe Lieberman And The Myth of The Internet Kill Switch
  205. Utah firing squad death announced on Twitter
  206. This Is Not A Spill
  207. Obama’s 90 Percent Clean Up Promise: That’s Not What He Said
  208. BP: Victim or Culprit?
  209. It Looks Like Less Than Net Zero To Me
  210. Why The Gulf Disaster Is Like Katrina
  211. BP Gulf Disaster : Criminal or Incompetence
  212. InfoGraphic: Gulf Oil Explosion (Daily, 30 Days)
  213. Concerned About Facebook Privacy? Check Out These Tools
  214. Why The FCC Broadband Plan Underwhelms
  215. Subscriptions Only 3% of Newspaper Income
  216. Digital Subscriptions (iPad, Kindle) Vital To Newspaper Viability
  217. White House Makes Full Copyright Claim On Photos
  218. A Case For Digital Media Literacy: Haiti and American Airlines Twitter Meme


  1. Inside the cyberwar for Iran’s future.
  2. Food Industry Could Pay for Slow Progress in Marketing to Kids
  3. Danny Sullivan on “An OPEC for News”
  4. Search Wars: Murdoch and Bing Talk Exclusive
  5. What Lies Behind Murdoch’s Move to Block Google?
  6. Murdoch On Google and Pay-To-View
  7. Reporting on $60 Billion In Medicare Fraud
  8. Public Outing: An Argument For The Public Option
  9. Use Caution With New Twitter RT Link
  10. Obama Administration Colludes With Entertainment Titans
  11. Google, The Platform
  12. Google Redefines Disruption: The “Less Than Free” Business Model
  13. How Goldman Sachs Bet On A Housing Market Crash
  14. Can Someone Explain This Math?
  15. The Full List Of Every Cash For Clunkers Trade-In
  16. Science And Sports: Conflicts In Genetics
  17. The Economist Tests New Distribution Model
  18. India ‘terminates’ Moon mission
  19. Is The Economy Looking Up?
  20. Milestones In Politics For American Women
  21. AT&T, Apple And Getting To Ubiquitous Open Networks
  22. Clunker Q&A by Jeff Jacoby
  23. C4C: GM, Chrysler Losers
  24. Happy Birthday, 19th Amendment
  25. Cash For Clunkers Benefits Few, Stimulates Truck Sales
  26. Print, beware! Publishers are “on the road” to pure digital
  27. Cash For Clunkers Insanity
  28. A Contrarian View of Twitter and Iran
  29. Former UW student shakes up British government
  30. Army Corps Demands Whistleblower Clear Testimony
  31. UW Undertakes Twitter Demographic, Use Survey
  32. Pandemic pandemonium
  33. Deconstructing Swine Flu Hype
  34. YouTube Is Doomed
  35. TwitterVerse Raises Visiblity of Amazon “Glitch” Which Delists “Adult” Books
  36. Sunday Linkage
  37. Funny How “Change” Looks Far Too Familiar
  38. Pew: 4-in-10 Think Newspapers Not Essential To Civic Life
  39. Ink-Stained Retching
  40. The Myth of Paid Content
  41. What If Mobile Were To Become The News Space?
  42. Obama Floats Controversial Senate Procedure
  43. The TV Watch – Media’s Big Names Can’t Resist Twitt
  44. Beware of Chart-Junk! Debunking Pelosi’s Misleading Graphic
  45. AP Tries To Redefine Fair Use; Goes After Shepard Fairey For Obama Poster
  46. CBO: “Stimulus” Package Has Negative Long-Run Payoff
  47. Networked link journalism: A revolution quietly begins in Washington state
  48. VideoNuze Shares Starz Media Consumption Data
  49. Washington Post Tweeting White House Briefings
  50. Examination of Stimulus Spending On Education


  1. Want To Increase Online News Readership?
  2. The Decline and Fall of Western Oil Production
  3. Wordless Wednesday: Poverty
  4. SEC Lifted Debt Limit For Brokerages In 2004
  5. The ABCs of CDOs
  6. This Day In History: Truman’s Televised Speech
  7. Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty
  8. Mukasey Effectively OKs DOJ Politicization
  9. Compliance Manual Section 12 – Religious Discrimination
  10. Conscience Rights: When Patient And Provider Collide
  11. Too young for the No. 1 job?
  12. MSM Continues Love Affair With Obama; Now Documented
  13. Running for Office: It’s Like A Flamewar with a Forum Troll, but with an Eventual Winner
  14. Bill Moyers Journal: Mother’s Milk of Politics Turns Sour
  15. Why Expanded Offshore Drilling Won’t Help Gas Prices
  16. Directory of Twittering Viners
  17. The War Cry Over Congressional Use of Social Media
  18. Making It: How Chicago Shaped Obama: The New Yorker
  19. Barry Blitt Defends His New Yorker Cover Art Of Obama – Media on The Huffington Post
  20. Pickens Invests $58 Million in Energy Campaign Featuring Wind, Natural Gas; $12 Billion In Wind Farm
  21. BLM Plans To Kill Captured Mustangs
  22. Accountability Now PAC | StrangeBedfellows Fighting For Liberty
  23. Political Establishment Expands White House Wiretapping Powers, Retroactively Codifies Warrantless Wiretaps
  24. The new FISA compromise: it’s worse than you think
  25. Viacom Then & Now; Ruling Puts YouTube Viewers At Risk
  26. UGA Buys Local TV Station; Acquires Commercial License
  27. U.S. isn’t likely to try Bush administration officials for war crimes–but it’s likely that a European country will
  28. AT&T Whistleblower: Spy Bill Creates ‘Infrastructure for a Police State’
  29. Cowardly and Corrupt Congress Approves Domestic Spying
  30. Keith Olbermann: Then and now
  31. Senate Postpones FISA Reauthorization
  32. Congress Rewrites FISA
  33. MySpace, MSNBC (and Newsvine) Teaming Up To Send Two To Conventions
  34. House Democrats Capitulate To White House. Again.
  35. Both McCain and Obama support FISA Reauthorization
  36. “Tech Debate”: McCain Suggorate, Obama Surrogate, and Anna Marie Cox
  37. FISA Reauthorization Includes Immunity Provison; Vote Set Today House Passes With Overwhelming D Support
  38. Oil Politics, At Home And Abroad (In Iraq)
  39. Should Congress Give Telecoms Immunity?
  40. The Oil Price Crystal Ball
  41. Obama Meets With Clinton; Senate Chaffs At Process
  42. Media Declare Obama The Democratic Nominee
  43. Bob Barr: Libertarian Presidential Nominee
  44. Another Look At MSM Misogyny
  45. Senate Pushes Back On FCC Media Ownership Rule Relaxation
  46. Republicans Start With 23% Electoral College Advantage
  47. Clinton Leads In Traditional Democratic States …
  48. Internet Archive Successfully Challenges NSL
  49. Nomination Process Reveals A Fractured America
  50. Voting Pocketbook Issues: The Gas Tax
  51. Tech Incompetence: Will MSM Ever “Get IT”?
  52. Election 2008: Grit vs. Waffle
  53. Karl Rove: Money Couldn’t Buy Pennsylvania
  54. Pentagon Gave CNN Analysts “Thumbs Up”
  55. Pentagon’s Media Manipulation on War Extended to Newspapers
  56. All Eyes On Pennsylvania
  57. The Man Who Sold the War
  58. It’s Called Propaganda, Folks
  59. A New Reason To Hate Comcast
  60. Google News Has Quotation Search
  61. It’s Time To Scrap The Tax Code
  62. Learned in Pennsylvania: Core Truths about Obama and Clinton
  63. Deconstructing The Myth of a Classless Society
  64. Department of Justice Approved Torture In 2003
  65. Obama’s Disingenuous PAC Statement
  66. Obama King Of The Leadership PACS
  67. The Candidates: Missed Votes
  68. The Making of a Candidate: A Timeline
  69. The Making of a Candidate
  70. Democratic Race Dead Heat; McCain Favored Slightly
  71. Should Churches Be Tax Exempt?
  72. Obama’s Third “Toxic Mentor”?
  73. About McCain & Airbus …
  74. The Peeping Toms At State
  75. Obama, Race & Identity
  76. McCain Feels Media Bite
  77. Super-Delegate System By Design
  78. Clinton and Obama on Technology
  79. Reflections On Washington Caucuses (belated)
  80. Election 2008: An Historical Time
  81. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. Has $13 Billion Shortfall
  82. Three-Parent Children: Reality or Technicality?
  83. The Kennedys Are So Yesterday
  84. Yeah, We Waterboarded
  85. Twitter On Super Tuesday
  86. Is It Time To Change Our Nomination Process?
  87. Four Undersea Cables Now Out in Middle East
  88. Missing e-mail: We’ve Been Down This Road Before
  89. Romney & Michigan
  90. NH: A plausible scenario
  91. Obama and Bobby and 1968
  92. The Politics of Gender
  93. What Can We Learn From 2004?
  94. See This Treatise on Electronic Voting
  95. As If Two New Yorkers Weren’t Enough!
  96. I’m Back! (+Give Me A Break)


  1. Jena6 Timeline and Background
  2. YouTube Winner In Democratic Debate
  3. Senate Raises Stakes With Iraq Deadline Vote
  4. Court Extends Expectation of Privacy to e-mail
  5. Libby Appeal, Gillespie Move – Related?
  6. Injustice In Georgia: The Case of Genarlow Wilson, Part 2
  7. Tim Griffin Resigns
  8. CIA: Plame Was “Covert”
  9. Vote In Presidential Primary Straw Poll (And Help My Students!)
  10. Comey, NSA and the Politicization of Justice
  11. Gonzales Prepares Another Mea Culpa; Investigation Could (Should?) Widen
  12. McKay: Time For Special Prosecutor
  13. Chinese Pet Food Case Catches Two Firms; Another Recall Possible
  14. Verizon Drops Akon
  15. Congress Endorses US-Drafted Iraqi Oil Legislation
  16. Media have performed at substandard level in Virginia Tech debacle
  17. US, Britain Deny Visa to Iraqi Doctor
  18. Abramoff Investigation Snares Another GOP Leader
  19. Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Ban
  20. Reflections On Blacksburg and Seattle: Humanity and Technology, Violence and Guns
  21. Web videos deleted for election | The Japan Times Online
  22. North Koreans Arm Ethiopians; US Says “OK”
  23. The Campaign For President: Is It Worth The Cost?
  24. UW Journalism Students on Newsvine
  25. Seattle students get a head start in language education
  26. John McCain is Toast & For Good Reason
  27. Tainted wheat gluten sold as “food grade” – Pet Food Story Could Truly Explode
  28. Supreme Court Rules EPA Can Regulate Greenhouse Gases From Cars
  29. Nuclear Security Agency Loses More Computers
  30. Blogging, Media and Politics
  31. “I Don’t Know” – The Sampson Defense In AttorneyGate
  32. Congressional Spending Bill Takes Aim At Iraqi Oil
  33. Supreme Court Hears Pricing Case; Future of Discounts Threatened
  34. Justice (Finally) In The Pat Tillman Case?
  35. Ann Lamott’s Amazing Grace
  36. Executive Privilege — GOP Response When Clinton Tried It
  37. Living on Earth: Bees On Their Knees
  38. USDA Halts Sales of GMO-Contaminated Rice Seed
  39. USDA Approves Rice Containing Human Genes
  40. Substitute Teacher Victim of Spyware or Sex Offender?
  41. Lieberman: We can face Iran alone
  42. Suppressed report shows cancer link to GM potatoes
  43. Microsoft, Google differ in farming for young hearts and minds
  44. U.S. Funds Being Secretly Funneled To Violent Al Qaeda-Linked Groups
  45. Marines Want No More Humvees In Iraq
  46. Political Friendster
  47. John McCain: Prisoner of Conscience: Politics & Power:
  48. Selling Our Assets To The Highest Bidder
  49. DP World Port Deal Hits Yet Another Snag
  50. An experiment that hints we are wrong on climate change
  51. Much Ado About … Planes
  52. Hillary Clinton Launches White House Bid
  53. Patriot Act Changed Rules on US Attorney Appointments
  54. Universal and Sony prohibit Zune sharing for certain artists
  55. What are the top oil fields in the world – field by field?
  56. A Missed Milestone; Admin Official Criticizes Gitmo Attorneys
  57. What A Difference Four Years Makes
  58. What Do We Know About America In Somalia?
  59. Bush Bucks Iraq Study Group
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