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Attention Marketing Folks: We Do Look For The Fine Print

My other half is job looking, so I’ve been helping out. Somehow (LinkedIn?) I found IvyExec. I completed the registration process:

IveExec Trial screen
After an applicant completes the application, IvyExec presents this  confirmation screen.

But what did I see after I clicked “activate your free trial”?

Not trial information, but a request for credit card info. Do you see any information about what “trial” means? Me, either.

IvyExec payment screen
IvyExec marketing folks send you to a payment screen when you select “activate your free trial” but they don’t tell you what “free trial” means.

Here’s the “email” (contact form) that I sent IvyExec:

I’ve registered and clicked on the “free trial” link. I was taken to a page to pay for membership – with NO information on what “free trial” means. Why in the world would I give you money, not knowing what I’m “buying” for my free trial?

According to Google, the only place that “free trial” shows up on the IvyExec website is in the TOS:

Memberships that begin with a free trial will be renewed automatically at the regular membership rate at end of the free trial period.

I can find few good reviews of the service online but I can find several negative ones. That’s a serious red flag.

The IvyExec WhoIs record shows that the domain has been around since 2005; the registrant is using a home address (apartment) in NYC. That’s a yellow flag.

My quick look of jobs showed nothing that I had not already seen on LinkedIn, Glassdoor and other boards filtered for greater Seattle.

And the “about us” page suggests that the target professional audience is recent Ivy League grads: “online career resources for professionals who are coming out of top graduate programs.” And part of the “our difference” section notes that their target audience is the MBA. That’s not my other half, either. And it could explain why the jobs I’m searching for just aren’t there in this database.

Regardless of the efficacy of the site, IvyExec’s marketing is poorly thought out.

By Kathy E. Gill

Digital evangelist, speaker, writer, educator. Transplanted Southerner; teach newbies to ride motorcycles! @kegill

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