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Twitter For Journalists

Preso for SPJ/ONA Seattle (ppt)

Resources from PPT

  1. Tweet “more” but understand the rules of your newsroom: AP on “opinion”
  2. Be conversational
  3. Listen …
  4. Breaking news
  5. Verify!
  6. Other tools
  7. Resources


  1. Preliminaries: asking on Twitter for best tips, tools.
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    Talking about Twitter at Seattle SPJ/ONA workshop on Monday. Your favorite Twitter tip for journalists, PR folks? #aCallForHelp
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 17:26:26
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    @kegill Use Twitter as a primary source for breaking news. But check the facts. Follow hashtags.
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 17:29:42
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    @kegill Also, don’t speed-read an article and tweet some point that you’ve actually gotten wrong.
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 18:46:33
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    Don’t just broadcast. Engage. RT @kegill: @yelvington Your favorite Twitter tip for journalists, PR folks?
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 19:05:55
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    @yelvington Steve, isn’t Twitter a digital adjunct to traditional beat reporting?
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 19:07:02
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    .@kegill Twitter (like FB and everything else) is a ticker we need to monitor, like teletypes in the last generation.
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 19:08:35
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    @kegill Follow @acarvin @brianstelter. Read @SteveButtry: Be social & listen
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 19:11:15
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    @kegill don’t just tweet your own stuff – tweet what you’re reading, what you’re interested in.
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 19:26:17
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    @kegill Pass on what’s genuinely interesting to you.
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 21:54:39
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    @kegill 1) Nothing matters more than listening. 2) You don’t need followers to come up in search. 3) Be generous with your reach. #goodluck!
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 19:47:42
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    @kegill tip: don’t ignore the ecosystem of twitter add-ons, like geotargeted search. seeing twitter as a platform helps make it more useful
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 10:08:57
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    @kegill Best advice for SPJ/ONA would be to track search queries on topics to identify both thought leaders and emerging trends.
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 11:06:19
  14. Then there’s the Slideshare (and blog post, which contains the links from the PPT):
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    Tips for reporters on Twitter – check your facts, use hashtags, don’t just broadcast, engage – crowdsourced by @kegill #spjwash
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 22:28:15
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    Search twitter using #Bing via @kegill #SPJwash
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 22:31:43
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    Twitter for reporters – be conversational says @kegill #spjwash. But remember it is publishing. It is publishing.
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 22:32:45
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    Twitter for reporters – listen. @kegill says hashtags may be more important than people when monitoring conversations. #spjwash
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 22:35:57
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    “@SPJWash: Twitter for reporters – ask questions, be specific. Remember, Twitter is a firehose. Be yourself too says @kegill #spjwash”
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 22:39:03
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    #SPJWash Favorite Twitter Tip for Journalists #PR Folks via @kegill = Don’t just broadcast. Engage. via @yelvington
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 22:39:49
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    Big shoutout for Storify (we love it too) via @kegill #spjwash
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 22:40:13
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    Vet a Twitter account – local start-up TweetStats, via @kegill #spjwash
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 22:41:35
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    Want to see what journalists are talking about on Twitter? says @kegill #spjwash
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 22:42:19
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    Who to look to for journo best practices on Twitter? @digiphile says follow @acarvin @brianstelter – be aware they tweet a lot! #spjwash
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 23:15:11
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    Thanks @kellieseattle @kegill @cephillips @MrDataFerret for great tips on digging deep for data, going beyond Google! #spjwash
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 23:40:11

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