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Seattle Does SxSW – Panel Picker Round-Up – Deadline Extended

List updated 5 September 2 September. Thanks to @MarkBriggs (KING5) who tipped me to the existence of a Seattle pitch list … and to @JoeSunga (TeachStreet) who did the initial compiling. I’ve elaborated a little on his list. Deadline for voting is 9.59 pm Pacific on Monday Sept 5, 2011 Friday Sept 2, 2011! Registering to vote is quick!

  1. All this data and you still don’t know X#$% – Emerging Technology / Mobile (solo)
    Ellie Fields, Tableau Software
  2. Android App Tracking – Branding / Marketing / Advertising (solo)
    Peter Hamilton, HasOffers
  3. Audience-Centric Media: Wants and Needs in News – Content / Content Strategy (panel)
    Adrian Klein, Evri
  4. Avoiding Deliverability Landmines – Branding / Marketing / Advertising (solo)
    Dave Fowler, Marketfish
  5. Banded Together: Touring as a Standup Comedy Group – Touring/Venues (panel, music)
    Julie Seabaugh, Brown Paper Tickets
  6. Better Paywall Strategies – Content / Content Strategy (solo)
    Will Coghlan, TinyPass
  7. Brands & Memes: A Match Made in Heaven? – Branding / Marketing / Advertising (solo)
    Todd Sawicki, Cheezburger
  8. Bringing Sexy Back: List marketing, relevant again – Branding / Marketing / Advertising (solo)
    Dave Scott, Marketfish
  9. Change Makers: How Nonprofits Create Change Online – Greater Good / Charity / Nonprofit (panel)
    Laura Kimball @lamiki, Jolkona
  10. Content matters. You can’t bullshit success – Content / Content Strategy (solo)
    Eric Berto (placeholder), WaggenerEdstrom
  11. Consumer-Driven Health Data is a Gift to be Earned – Health / Future of Medicine (solo)
    Russell Benaroya, EveryMove
  12. Crowdsourcing innovation at a big company – Journalism (solo)
    @MarkBriggs, KING 5
  13. Community Radio Boom – Greater Good / Charity / Nonprofit (panel)
    Sabrina Roach @BrinaSEA, Brown Paper Tickets
  14. Data is not a Substitute for Good Taste – Branding / Marketing / Advertising (solo)
    Michelle Broderick, Uber
  15. Die or Become a Next-Generation Media Company – Content / Content Strategy (solo)
    Ben Elowitz, Wetpaint
  16. Digital Voices, Meet Media Consolidation – Journalism (solo)
    Kathy Gill @kegill, University of Washington
  17. The Future of eCommerce Pricing – Emerging Technology / Mobile (dual)
    Oren Etzioni / Mike Fridgen, Decide
  18. How better well-being creates better companies – Work and Happiness (solo)
    David Reeves, Limeade
  19. How To Break Through The Noise With Great Events – Branding / Marketing / Advertising (solo)
    Jason Preston @jasonp, The Parnassus Group
  20. The Hyperlocal Hoax: Where’s the Holy Grail – Journalism (solo)
    Cory Bergman @corybe, MSNBC / Lost Remote / Next Door Media
  21. In defense of pseudonymity – Social Media / Social Networks (duo)
    Jon Pincus @jdp23
  22. Independent Manufacturing with Social Media – Social Media / Social Networks (solo)
    DL Byron @bikehugger
  23. An inside look at BigDoor’s venture funding – Business / Startups / Funding (panel)
    Keith Smith, BigDoor
  24. The Joy of Meetings: interaction, not slides – Work and Happiness (solo)
    Elissa Fink, Tableau Software
  25. Liberating Data with Interactive Charts – Greater Good / Charity / Nonprofit (solo)
    Ross Perez, Tableau Software
  26. Mastering Daily Habits: Lessons from The Habit Design Meetup – Health / Future of Medicine (solo)
    Michael Kim, Kairos Labs
  27. Platforms and Players in Music Discovery – Convergence / Film / Music (panel)
    Kyle Kesterson, Giant Thinkwell
  28. Play Werewolf (Game) Like a Mother Killing Pro – Gaming / Gaming Culture (panel)
    @BenHuh, Cheezburger
  29. Sex, games , rock & roll. Engagement & Pleasure – Branding / Marketing / Advertising (solo)
    Keith Smith, BigDoor
  30. Show me the Money: Helping Non-profits survive! – Greater Good / Charity / Nonprofit (panel)
    Daniel Todd, GlobalMojo
  31. Social PR Campaigns: The Government is Watching – Branding / Marketing / Advertising (duo)
    Steve Broback, @sbroback , The Parnassus Group
  32. Successful Onboarding: Deliver Code Then See the Bathroom – Work and Happiness (solo)
    Scott Porad @scottporad, Cheezburger
  33. Tired of @#%ing Social Media Experts? – Social Networking (solo, Sam Decker)
    Sean McDonald, Ant’s Eye View, organizer
  34. You Call That Fun?: How to Develop Engaging Games – Design / Development (panel)
    Frank Savage, Jumala
  35. What you should be measuring in SM – Social Media / Social Networks (panel)
    Eric Berto @geekgiant, WaggenerEdstrom
  36. Why Memes? Why Now? – Social Media / Social Network (solo)
    @BenHuh, Cheezburger
  37. Women Founding Tech Startups: How to Succeed – Business / Startups / Funding(panel)
    Maya Bisineer @thinkmaya, Memetales

By Kathy E. Gill

Digital evangelist, speaker, writer, educator. Transplanted Southerner; teach newbies to ride motorcycles! @kegill

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