What do we know about how U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner uses Twitter?

It’s easy to analyze his public tweets using TweetStats. First, he’s sophisticated enough that during May he used TweetDeck for 62 of his 105 Tweets. But to easily post a photo taken with his mobile phone, he probably used his Blackberry (37 tweets).

TweetStats RepWeiner

May 2011 TweetStats For @RepWeiner

He was not very interactive — about 1-in-10 tweets is an @ reply and about 1-in-10 a retweet. That means that 80% of his public tweets were “talking” with a megaphone (with virtual fingers plugged into his ears).

Not going into the “did he use publicly-owned equipment to create or send these messages” meme!

Second, Weiner is still a Twitter novice (he set up his account in October 2009 but didn’t begin using it until August 2010). But something happened the past three months, because he went from averaging fewer than 25 tweets per month to more than 100.

TweetStats For RepWeiner

TweetStats - @RepWeiner - Number of Tweets

At the same time, his follower number doubled.

After the Memorial Day weekend fiasco, his follower numbers jumped again, from slightly less than 50K to almost 70K. (I think it’s safe to assume that many of them won’t hang around too long.)

TwitterCounter Follower Stats For RepWeiner

Three-Month TwitterCounter Follower Stats For @RepWeiner

TwitterCounter - RepWeiner

One-Month TwitterCounter Follower Stats For @RepWeiner

Most of his tweets are banal and more reflective of a personal Twitter account than one that is positioned as his professional account (“RepWeiner” is a verified account). Very few tweets suggest “thought leadership” or even share links; it’s a political account being run … mindlessly.

Well, there’s a little thought now. He hasn’t posted since June 1.

RepWeiner last tweet

The Most Recent TWeet

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