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Pets and Airlines : Not So Friendly Skies

Pet owners, according to most American airlines, have deep pockets. How else to explain the exorbitant fees they charge so that you can substitute your one carry-on bag for a bag that contains your small dog or cat? And the oligopolistic nature of the business comes through loud and clear when you examine the variance […]

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Hotmail, Phishing and Missing Algorithms

My brother-in-law got not one but two sophisticated phishing emails in his Hotmail account. Both targeted his Hotmail account. He should never have seen the emails. Where were Hotmail’s “anti-spam” algorithms?

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British Councilman Waives Protest Rights, Says Twitter Released Personal Data

Update of Saturday story: Twitter, Gag Orders and The British Press : Update – On Storify The Sunday London Telegraph has a screaming headline: Twitter reveals secrets: Details of British users handed over in landmark case that could help Ryan Giggs The problem is this: nothing in the story supports the assertion. The Telegraph listed five […]