Broadband Competition and Service: US versus Europe

The internet is not a toy, it is a strategic infrastructure. It may have at one time been envisioned as a defense strategic infrastructure, but today it nurtures global business and connection.

Why, then, does the U.S. have such lousy broadband when we look at our European neighbors? Or Japan? Or South Korea?

One reason is the geographic scale: those countries are sized more like one of our states. But another, perhaps even more compelling reason, is government policy. Just ask North Carolina citizens who are arguing that municipalities should be able to provide the service, just like munis supply power and water.

Need to Know correspondent Rick Karr traveled to the U.K. and the Netherlands – with support from the Ford Foundation and in collaboration with the website Engadget – to find out how these two countries have jumped ahead of us online. – PBS

Fiber Optic Cable
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