WordPress DB Troubles

Update 4.10 pm: WordPress support said they didn’t see anything that would have caused this to happen. The system does not log changes, so there is no way to determine how it happened. It is possible that I left Firefox open Monday night when I left lab, but the blog that was “up” was the course blog. Now I get to “decategorize” a bunch of posts.

I idly wondered why (a “paid” service on did not show up in My Blogs dropdown this morning, but I was more intent on writing a post than thinking about mechanics.

That was a mistake.

Eventually, I looked at the dashboard and realized that all posts since March 11 have been modified:

  • Status: draft
  • Status: sticky
  • Categories: all enabled


I went to but could find nothing on the site about an outage or database SNAFU. I did what any techy person would do – I both tweeted and searched Twitter. Saw nothing that looked like my problem. I submitted a report to WordPress support and tweeted (TwitLonger) it to @wordpressdotcom.

kegill tweet

And now I wait.

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