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Ubersocial Bounces Back

It’s been slightly more than 24 hours since Twitter reinstated API access to UberMedia for its twidroyd and UberSocial for Blackberry applications. According to TwitterSource data for the past hour (at 6.30 pm Pacific), Ubersocial for Blackberry (formerly known as Ubertwitter) is currently the third most popular client for reading Tweets (6.181%).

Twitter’s Blackberry client has dropped back to number four (6.153%). Prior to the cut-off on Friday, Ubertwitter was the second most popular client (7.3%) and Twitter for Blackberry was number four (6.2%). is still the primary way people read tweets (35%).

Mid-Sunday afternoon, Twitter support announced that twidroyd and Ubersocial for Blackberry had regained access to the Twitter API.

When the developer updates twidroyd and Ubersocial, you’ll be able to download their updates to access Tweets again on these applications.

Loyal Blackberry customers spread the word.

How People Read Tweets

Here are the rankings using the TwitterSource “last day” (prior 24 hours) view.

Thursday (the 24 hours prior to 2.15 pm Pacific Friday)

  1. The web : 35%
  2. Ubertwitter : 7.3%
  3. Twitter for iPhone : 6.6%
  4. Twitter for Blackberry : 6.2%
  5. Tweetdeck : 5.3%

Friday (the 24 hours prior to 1.30 pm Pacific Saturday)

  1. The web : 35%
  2. Thursday : Twitter for Blackberry – 10.7%
  3. Twitter for iPhone : 6.7%
  4. Tweetdeck : 4.9%
  5. Mobile Web : 2.95%
How People Read Tweets
TwitterSource Data - Monday 6.30 PM Pacific

Monday (the 24 hours prior to 5.45 pm Pacific Monday)

  1. The web : 35.395%
  2. Twitter for Blackberry : 7.030%
  3. Twitter for iPhone : 6.910%
  4. Ubersocial : 5.851%
  5. Tweetdeck : 5.123%
  6. Echofon : 2.819%
  7. Mobile Web : 2.818%

Monday (the 24 hours prior to 6.30 pm Pacific Monday)

  1. The web : 35.397%
  2. Twitter for iPhone : 6.904%
  3. Twitter for Blackberry : 6.885%
  4. Ubersocial : 6.122%
  5. Tweetdeck : 5.132%
  6. Mobile Web : 2.810%
  7. Echofon Web : 2.800%

And Twidroyd? Monday’s 24-hour data (6.30) have it at position 33 (0.335%) and last-hour data have it at position 20 (0.463%). When I checked “last week” stats on Saturday, it was ranked 18th (0.817%). It is competing with Twitter for Android, which currently (6.30) ranks 8th (1.958%).

As I noted Friday, I’m no fan of the men behind the 10-month old company UberMedia. In April 2010, they launched as TweetUp — appropriating a name and a practice that grew organically before they existed. Later, after Twitter objected, they became PostUp. Still later, after buying UberTwitter (with Blackberry and iPhone clients), they became UberMedia. They also bought EchoFon (iPhone) and Twidroyd (Android). Rumors are rampant that they are on the verge of buying Tweetdeck; if so, I will regretfully find another client, since I’ve been using Tweetdeck since it launched and have been an evangelist for the app.

On Friday, I analyzed how people read tweets using Twitter client data from TwitterSource. This post analyzed what happened in the (approximately) 24 hours since UberMedia products were again allowed to access the Twitter API.

Twitter Clients
How Customers Read Tweets - Data For Monday (Last Day) From

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