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How Do People Read Tweets? (Take Two)

What changed in how people read their Tweetstream while UberTwitter and Twidroyd were shut off from the Twitter API?

Twitter for Blackberry got a big (more than 50%) boost, which suggests that at least some UberTwitter customers opted for a new client. TweetDeck lost share, which doesn’t make sense (it wasn’t blocked) but moved up in ranking. Another ranking boost: the Mobile Web moved from position six to position five, suggesting some of those Blackberry and Android customers simply switched to their browsers.

The web and Twitter for the iPhone were unchanged.

These data for “last day” (contrasted with “last hour” or “last week”) are from TwitterStream. I’ve interpreted “last day” to be “yesterday” — technically it is the preceding 24 hours (data accessed at 1.33 pm Pacific). Here are the rankings:

  1. The web: Thursday – 35%; Friday – 35%
  2. Thursday: UberTwitter – 7.3%; Friday – Twitter for Blackberry – 10.7%
  3. Twitter for iPhone: Thursday -6.6%; Friday – 6.7%
  4. Thursday: Twitter for Blackberry- 6.2%; Friday – Tweetdeck – 4.9%
  5. Thursday: Tweetdeck: 5.3%; Friday – Mobile Web – 2.95%

Looking at UberMedia client traffic for last week shows that the company accounted for a little more than 10% of total traffic. However, the two affected applications, together, accounted for less than 8%. This is because Twitter did not block Echofon on Friday and remained at position seven (7), the same position it held last week.

  • UberTwitter (Blackberry and iPhone) : 7.0%
  • Echofon (iPhone) : 2.76%
  • Twidroyd (Android) : 0.82%

There’s been a lot of chatter about why Twitter did what it did and why UberMedia did what it did. That’s for another post. :-)

On Friday, I analyzed how people read tweets using Twitter client data from TwitterSource. This post analyzed what happened in the 24 hours following that post.

Twitter Traffic for Feb 18 2011
Twitter Traffic By Client For Feb 18 2011 - Data From

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