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365 Project : First Month Reflection

I’m at the tail end of month one of my 365 project; I’ve uploaded 29 photos. This Flickr overview (also on Facebook) includes a pre-project image I used for the “cover” — the great shoes I bought for Monica and Jason’s wedding!

365 project - month 1
365 Project : Month One

Looking at these images, I’m at a loss for anything resembling a theme, other than the relative lack of photos of people (other than family members shooting pool). I am trying to “see” ordinary objects in a different way; I think that is coming through, a little bit. And I’m trying to consciously change perspective; I’m not convinced that is coming through, yet.

But I’m loving the iPhone camera and the cool apps for playing with photos in post-production!

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By Kathy E. Gill

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2 replies on “365 Project : First Month Reflection”

Hi, Joe — thanks!

Ah, by “perspective” I meant “angle” — that is, don’t just bring the camera to the eye and snap. Move. Squat. Twist. Turn. The think I’m advising students to do! :-)

But I am also trying to see the world differently, to see beauty in details, to see the uniqueness in the everyday. So I suppose that’s a form of perspective, too.

Your photos exhibit a high degree of “interestingness” (to me, at least).

I’m curious about your goal of “trying to consciously change perspective” – what perspective are you trying to change, and what do you want it to be?

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