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Facebook SPAM

Facebook SPAM“So-and-so liked <insert a Facebook page> and suggested you like it too.”

Why are you sending me this message, Facebook? I haven’t authorized you to send me messages like this.

I double-checked my notification settings (which are at a minimum, as the screen shots below attest) and there’s no “opt-in-or-out” option for “when a friend likes a page.” There is an choice for “suggests a page to me” and my setting is “don’t send a notification.” Nevertheless, Facebook was sending me messages about pages, messages that appear to be auto-generated efforts by Facebook to push traffic.

To be sure you’ve “opted-out” of these notifications, manually click the “unsubscribe” link in the foot of one of these (annoying) emails.

Out of curiosity, I clicked the “page” link in the two most recent emails (today and yesterday). Both failed:

Facebook Spam
Facebook Failure: You Will Love This! (the ALL CAPS should be a give-away)
Facebook Spam
Facebook Failure: See What You Will Look Like In 10, 20, 30 Years Time

What does that say about Facebook’s quality control and application review?

Here are my notification settings. If you haven’t checked yours lately (Facebook -> Account -> Notifications), you might want to do so.

Facebook Settings

Facebook Settings

Facebook Settings

Facebook Settings

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