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Using an export tool developed by Infinity Plus One (that’s @yoni – thanks to Jared Spool – @jmspool – for the tip), here are my tweets from the Future Web conference (#fw2010) that was concurrent with WWW2010 in Raleigh last week. I tweeted as @kegill as well as @kathy_live (sometimes same tweet from both accounts, but I tried to avoid that).

You can follow/read/find the 60 folks tweeting at #fw2010:


#FW2010 tweets from @kegill

  • @BoraZ good to meet you at #fw2010!
  • RT @smalljones: Elon & Imagining the Internet reports and videos of #www2010 & #fw2010 found here:
  • RT @kateclancy: RT @BoraZ: Facebook’s Eroding #Privacy Policy: A Timeline #fw2010 #www2010 #mcdm #com466
  • @AnitaMedia @lynnewatanabe Yes – lunch break at #www2010 #fw2010 #Raleigh — fun conference (and more sun than Seattle!)
  • @ruby Done re @HASTAC and #fw2010 list although I don’t like to link to group accounts where individuals aren’t IDed
  • Posing with the Chick-fil-a mascot! #www2010 #fw2010 #Raleigh
  • @aspyker Where are you now? I’m in 304.
  • When will we see subscription-based reading? KG-> See for tech, textbooks #fw2010 #www2010
  • *Annoyance* Facebook alerts on iPhone kills “Recorder” (the $ one) app if I try to dismiss — if I ignore it, who knows? Grrr.
  • My pix from Raleigh #fw2010 #www2010
  • RT @ryantsweeney: Bob Young: Books are rejected by publishers 19 out of 20 times. If the rate is so bad, where is the motivation to write? #fw2010 #fw2010p
  • Twitter thinks the most current links are relevant; Google thinks the most read/linked to links are relevant. Bob Young
  • RT @ryantsweeney: “By the time the ink is dry on the web 2.0 text book, we’ll be in web 3.0” – Bob Young #fw2010p
  • RT @futureweb2010: Check out our video coverage of @lrainie interviewing @dsearls yesterday #fw2010 #www2010
  • @aspyker I won’t be at #fw2010 until the 10.30 sessions.
  • @usaussie You might look at the history of the #www2010 conference to get an idea of the kinds of people who attend
  • @usaussie Generally, some of my best take-aways from conferences come from hallway interactions
  • @waynesutton are y’all still here?
  • @BoraZ But isn’t that what he said???
  • @drewkeller Here’s a link that also contains video of @zephoria‘s talk at #www2010 #Facebook
  • “most docs will say don’t go to the web because info is so muddled” — Michael Clemente #fw2010 really???
  • @aspyker So … are we still going to @ThePitBBQ or are we moving to @RaleighTimesBar?
  • RT @rtroncy @micbuffa: #www2010 #fw2010 My neighbour just removed his #facebook account after hearing danah Boyd @zephoria
  • YouTube clips from @zephoria Q/A session at #fw2010 via @smalljones @BoraZ #www2010
  • @smalljones Is that a room change for the future of news session? #fw2010 #402
  • RT @micbuffa: “You can’t go through college without being on FB. You might as well put a bag over your head and say ‘I don’t exist.”
  • Video highlights, text of @zephora‘s keynote at #fw2010 #www2010 via @JannaQ #Facebook
  • RT @dsearls At #fw2010, Chris DiBona: “You get the Internet you deserve.” Strong. Thought 4 the show: Facebook, Twitter are not the Net.
  • CEOs of media companies should be forced to use their products at default settings!! Zeynep Tuefekci of UMBC
  • @cdibona Enjoying your facts, opinion and humor on #fw2010 panel. :-)
  • @bearspirits Social tool kits take longer to evolve than technology to develop.
  • The average American has less close friends than in 1985. Why? Is it spread too thin or because the “village well” has moved?
  • We don’t have the social tool kit for dealing in virtual social spaces where laws of physics are suspended –
  • Facebook doesn’t want people to think twice before acting – danah boyd @zephoria #www2010
  • “Just because data is accessible doesn’t mean that using it is ethical” danah boyd @zephoria #fw2010 #ww2010
  • No one loves big data more than marketers and no one misunderstands big data more than marketers – danah boyd #ww2010
  • It’s clear that the WWW links people, not just web documents – intro to danah boyd’s talk #www2010 #fw2010 | cc @kathy_live
  • People tweeting at #fw2010 (not RTing, tweeting)
  • has a YouTube channel (and clips from today) #www2010
  • @WALibraryiMom Are you here at #fw2010? If so, we need to connect tomorrow!
  • @ashlieconway – LOL! I thought I was hearing things when Vint Cerf name dropped @DublinCore — a blast from my past!
  • Whether or not you are confused about #Facebook changes, you need to read this @eff article ASAP:
  • @kimazoid – and watch this TEDxSea talk by Greg Bear:
  • @kimazoid – re your comment about Vint Cerf being scary … you need to read Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge
  • RT @alisohani: “I have 1 rule in life: if I want to get work done, turn off #Tweetdeck” – @timberners_lee #www2010 #infoOverload
  • RT @Geistbear: Interested in #www2010 #fw2010 but not attending the conference join us for BBQ Tweetup @theptbbq Thurs 6pm RSVP
  • Technology becomes most important when it becomes invisible – Lee Rainie – #fw2010 #www2010
  • It usually takes 15-20 years for any new tech to be embraced in thoughtful and useful ways – Lee Rainie #fw2010 #ww2010
  • A response “people wasting time” online during work: the line btwn work and personal is porous today, eg answering email before bed
  • Imagining the Internet – 2010 survey data: #fw2010 #www2010
  • Vint Cerf on economics of information and news in digital age at #fw2010 – look for post from me later today. #www2010
  • @ashlieconway #shouldvebroughtmymacbook except that there are very few electrical outlets! #www2010
  • @djweitzner Thanks for the response to my broadband/spectrum question at
  • The Internet should work for anything and anybody — OS, browser, website, data, shouldn’t matter. TIm Berners-Lee #www2010
  • The next gen of smartphones should be able to switch btwn wifi/3G/4G/Edge seamlessly. #www2010 #fw2010 | cc @kathy_live
  • RT @ed80: Here is the paper @timberners_lee is talking about at #fw2010
  • We need to update math Ed so students will know how to interpret data – @bethanyvsmith #www2010 #fw2010 #gov20
  • Federal Research Public Access Act #FRPA and Higher Ed (pdf) #www2010 #gov20 #fw2010 via @schicheer
  • RT @futureweb2010: #Nigel_Shadbolt ‚ÄúSometimes what we think of as private is just a practical obscurity,‚Äù #fw2010 #www2010 #gov20 #privacy
  • Watch the open government panel at #www2010 #gov20 #fw2010 #www2010
  • Email is recognized as a record on the presidential side but not the agency side – (!) – David Ferriero – #www2010 #fw2010 | cc @kathy_live
  • We have info in a cloud, how do we get it out? Vint Cerf – Google calls this data liberation (hear this #Facebook?) #www2010
  • Digital law : in which legal jurisdictions would digital signatures be considered valid contract? Vint Cerf #www2010 #fw2010 #mcdm
  • @lcatino Nevermind – your list is speakers at #fw2010, not those of us who are present and tweeting
  • @lcatino Pls add me to #fw2010 list – I’ll also be tweeting as @kathy_live
  • Vint Cerf – Google, ICANN, TCP/IP — keynotes #www2010 and #fw2010 | I’ll be @kathy_live much of the day
  • @smallpkg #fw2010 is Future Web conference which is part of #www2010 conference in Raleigh.
  • RT @lrainie: I’m interviewing danah boyd and Doc Searls on Thursday at #fw2010. What would be good questions?
  • RT @lrainie: I’m interviewing Tim Berners-Lee and Vint Cerf tomorrow at #fw2010. What questions should I ask?
  • @hrheingold hey! I’m in Raleigh at #www2010
  • @neufrucht I’m staying out a bit at an extended stay but I have a car. Could shuttle. #www2010
  • @waynesutton OK – <blushing> it’s pretty bad that there are so few tweets that yours is still showing on TweetDeck. #fw2010 #www2010
  • @aspyker Yes. Registration for #www2010 #fw2010 in main lobby Raleigh Convention Center until 6 pm today, 7 pm Wed
#FW2010 tweets from @kathy_live
  • RT @ncsumarit: Very inspiring interview with Bob Young (of Red Hat and; this guy clearly loves the web. And he’s Canadian!
  • The world is changing so fast, today’s solution becomes irrelevant quickly. Bob Young
  • Lulu is likely to be my last project. If I ever retire, I’m gonna lecture on Biz Strategy to talk about the world in 5 yrs Bob Young
  • Semantic Conference Tweets : #fw2010 #www2010
  • Follow/read/find the 60 folks tweeting at #fw2010:
  • There’s a reason there are only six basic econ textbooks – there are six educational publishers – Bob Young #fw2010 #www2010
  • Publishers reject books because they already have one; they just don’t think it will sell enough copies; poorly written
  • Content has to fall back into the public domain for innovation to continue – Bob Young #fw2010 #ww2010
  • How do we find all those books – Twitter etc helps cut thru signal-to-noise ratio – Bob Young
  • We have to rethink publishing – author->agent->publisher->wholesaler->retailer model doesn’t work for Net
  • Bob Young ( : everyone has an area expertise, the challenge may be that the market is small #netecon
  • session with @dsearls just ended – headed to @ThePitBBQ if y’all are still there!!
  • “I didn’t start hearing about content until the container business felt threatened” – John Perry Barlow via @dsearls
  • Here’s the Jefferson quote that @dsearls referenced re IP (pull quote) #fw2010 #www2010
  • “It would be curious…if an idea…could, of natural right, be claimed in exclusive and stable property.”
  • Buy Stewart Brand – How Buildings Learn – @dsearls That ethos is present in the Net, all devices we use #fw2010 #www2010
  • The language of writing #code is the language of construction, architecture, design @dsearls #cluetrain #fw2010 #www2010
  • “Markets are conversations” @dsearls: I’ll probably go to my grave being known as the guy who said that #fw2010 #cluetrain
  • Will NYT paywall survive or fail? (Berm not wall – masked by cable bill). Fail – 2; survive/maybe – 2
  • .@smalljones – replace English composition with basic online journalism skills course (I’ve been saying this for a couple of years)
  • RT @theRab: #fw2010 @smalljones says: if you’re brave enough to tweet, you should be brave enough to speak. #media
  • I think “what’s good” is what gets attention but that does not necessarily mean you are getting quality information. @xarker
  • And my family in SW GA, SE AL, NW FL /all/ complain about Verizon on their non-smartphones!
  • Panelists are dissing AT&T phone service with iPhone (“dropped calls”) — I don’t have this problem.
  • There’s a @twapperkeeper archive for #fw2010 at
  • RT @marcomascioli: It seems to me that web #analytics is not much different than traditional BI, with a prettier coat #fw2010 #www2010
  • We must be a trending topic – I’m seeing spam on #fw2010 hashtag
  • Laments heard from corps – “we’re data rich but information poor” – @JonLovett #fw2010 #analytics
  • everyone wants to keep everything because it’s possible not because it’s useful @bobpage #fw2010 #analytics
  • Social media today similar to the web not so long ago. SM initiatives are “faith based” initiatives. @PhilMui
  • Join me!! Collaborative notetaking on #fw2010 web analytics session is enabled here:
  • Collaborative notetaking on #fw2010 web analytics session is enabled here:
  • .@hc is making great points about privacy at #fw2010 re evolving social mores — but it wont’ take 150 yrs like it did after printing press
  • If Z’s comments about “permanence” of “punishment” resonates w/you, watch this Greg Bear #tedxsea talk
  • I love @cdibona – he is a classic tech-libertarian (based on his panel comments)
  • People have to look after themselves on the Internet; you get the Internet you deserve. Spare the rod and you spoil the #Facebook.
  • The room is erupting in #Facebook frustration!
  • Q: who in the audience would be comfortable deleting their #facebook account? maybe 10% of the room.
  • A huge shout-out to Zeynep Tufekci of UMBC at #fw2010 on future of social networks panel.
  • People tweeting (not just RTing) at #fw2010 :
  • Privacy is not about “hiding” – danah boyd @zephoria
  • RT @futureweb2010: If @zephoria can’t figure out how she ends up liking things, what hope is there for the rest of us? #fw2010 #www2010
  • Facebook opt-out is in the best interest of companies not people – danah boyd @zephoria #www2010
  • In the context of social networks, “data are people” – danah boyd @zephoria #www2010
  • danah is asking the question I’ve been voicing for > 10 years – just because we can, should we? @zephoria #www2010
  • aggregating and distributing data out of context is a privacy violation – danah boyd @zephoria #www2010
  • The #1 threat to privacy today is our focus on big data – danah boyd #www2010
  • Fallacy that qualitative research is interpretation and quantitative research is about producing facts – danah boyd #fw2010 #www2010
  • danah boyd attempts to bridge the gulf between “humanities” and “sciences” in her keynote at #www2010
  • It’s clear that the WWW links people, not just web documents – intro to danah boyd’s talk #www2010 #fw2010 | cc @kathy_live
  • Vint Cerf If you click on the 3rd result from a search, “we’ve done something wrong”
  • Vint Cerf – the final analysis belongs to the people reading – just because something is in the top 10, doesn’t mean that’s all
  • Vint Cerf and we owe an objective ranking ordering of the results (and prevent system gaming)
  • Vint Cerf : two responsibilities – to remind everybody that just because you got some stuff back you’re not off the hook re thinking
  • vint cerf We are emulating critical thinking. We try to be objective in the way we do these complex computations.
  • Vint Cerf: critical thinking is vital, we are attempting to make algorithms that pretend to do critical thinking
  • News industry is going to have to supply something beyond reporting. Engage with readers. Vint Cerf
  • Moving into NetNeutrality discussion – less than half of #fw2010 audience is familiar with this US issue (not a big surprise). #www2010
  • Can we please stop using “broadband” in a way that suggests “high speed”? Most net access in the US is SLOW.
  • RT @waynesutton: RSVP link for #www2010 #fw2010 BBQ tweetup/meeting at @theptbbq tomorrow ->
  • McLaughlin : tension between publish-then-filter and filter-then-publish — can’t sacrifice data quality, authority #gov20 #ww2010
  • Corrected Link: RT Watch the open government panel live #wanyesutton #fw2010 #www2010
  • McLaughlin : thinking of FoIA, be proactive and make gov’t data public before being asked. #www2010
  • Open Government and the World Wide Web session getting underway at #www2010 #fw2010 | cc @kegill
  • What is two-factor authentication? #www2010
  • We don’t have common law of the Net like we have #law of the sea – Vint Cerf #www2010
  • BOTNETs are a symptom of “naive browsers” – Vint Cerf #www2010
  • Vint Cerf – Google, ICANN, TCP/IP — keynotes #www2010 and #fw2010 | I’ll be @kathy_live much of the day
  • RT @lrainie: I’m interviewing danah boyd and Doc Searls on Thursday at #fw2010. What would be good questions?
  • RT @lrainie: I’m interviewing Tim Berners-Lee and Vint Cerf tomorrow at #fw2010. What questions should I ask?

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