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Highlights: Producing News With Your Smartphone

Poynter’s NewsU ran a webinar last week on using smartphones for mobile media production. The session leader, Amani Channel (@urbanreporter, LinkedIn), is the Content/Community Manager for Public Broadcasting Atlanta’s online community Session highlights (supplemented by my knowledge of technologies, history) follow.

Smartphones and Applications

  • 2009 data: 1-in-3 U.S. adults owns a smart phone or quick messaging device (QMD) up from 1-in-5 in 2008- Forrester
  • Applications:
    • Flickr (stills and short video) : iPhone application for uploads
    • (video) : upload video (no streaming)
    • Qik (live stream) : one of the first communities to allow both streaming and uploads from mobile phone
    • TwitPic (stills) : closely integrated with Twitter but can be used for image sharing other than Twitter
    • TwitVid : share videos (up to 2GB) on Twitter with native app for iPhone and Blackberry
    • (live stream) : live stream (with archive option); iPhone 3G, 3GS and Android
    • YouTube (video) : iPhone 3GS uploads directly to YouTube

Highlights In Mobile Journalism

Building Your Network

  • Blogger, WordPress, Typepad
  • Facebook, Twitter

Editing On The iPhone

News Communities

Tips for Shooting Video With Your Smartphone

  • Turn to “airplane mode” to nix any incoming calls
  • Does it need to be live or can it be memorex? In other words, think: if you can pre-record and edit, do so.
  • Shoot horizontally
  • Hold the phone as still as possible; consider getting a tripod mount if you think you’ll use your phone for video often. Hard core: Owle Bubo (review).
  • Consider external mike if you plan to use your phone for video often.

For more info, read Poynter’s new mobile media blog.

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