Round-up: iPad Contests

The iPad cometh on 3 April, and with it, comes contests.

First up, Digg.

In conjunction with the release of Digg for the iPhone, Digg, TapTapTap and ColorWare have joined forces to give away 14 limited edition 16GB wifi custom iPads to folks who tweet about the contest. The contest runs from 25 March through 7 April.

Digg iPad Contest
Digg Is Giving Away 14 iPads, One A Day

What’s not clear on the entry page: do you need to tweet every day in order to be eligible for the contest? Will multiple tweets improve your chances of winning the iPad?

Next up, JungleDisk, a cloud-based (RackSpace) backup service; accounts start at $2 a month. In conjunction with releasing an application that allows customers to access and manage data via an iPhone, iPodTouch or iPad, Jungle Disk is giving away two 16GB wifi iPads.

Simply post a “tweet” on Twitter® (  to answer the question, “What do you want to access anywhere?” and include the @jungledisk handle and #jungledisk hashtag so we can track your entries.  The first iPad drawing will occur Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 and the second drawing on Friday, April 9th, 2010.

Like Digg, Jungle Disk says nothing about frequency — will multiple tweets improve your chances? Do you need to tweet again after the first drawing? These details are important: early Twitter contests demonstrated the negative vibe that can result from over-tweeting (aka spam, even if you know the person who is tweeting).

TapTapTap et al share those details on a faint “official rules” text link/popup. On this hidden (for all intents and purposes) page, they explain that “only one entry per day is allowed” and that a new entry is required each day. Ditto Jungle Disk, but on its “for more info” link the firm encourages spamming: “there is no limit on the number of entries an individual may submit” but automated entries are prohibited.

Week In Rewind, on the other hand, explicitly encourages spamming in the iPad give-away, on both Twitter and Facebook.

SHARE the link on your Facebook account (you can do so by clicking the “Share” button at the top right of this page) and let us know in the comments section of this post that you did so.  We’ll check that you did–and you’ll be entered.  Each time you “share,” it equals one entry–you share as often as you like.

Just Tweet this message to your followers for an entry: “I entered the Apple iPad Contest at @weekinrewind here: Each Tweet equals one entry!  ReTweet often!”  Just let us know you did so in the comments section.  We’ll check that you did–and you’ll be entered.  Each time you Tweet the message, it equals one entry–you can do so as often as you like.

You also have to become a “member” of the site but you don’t have to follow or friend.

More contests (or check out this Twitter search):

  • AppQandA is giving away one iPad on 1 April to Twitter and Facebook fans; the contest encourages spamming but also credits RTs and Facebook fan page “likes.”
  • BigStarTV is giving away six iPads, once a month beginning 5 April; spamming encouraged (“your chances get better the more you Tweet”). You must be a member of the site and also follow BigStarTV (but they don’t explicitly say this in the overview or rules).
  • Burstly is giving away an unknown number of iPads for the week beginning 30 March; spamming encouraged (“you’ll receive one entry per message”).
  • Dreamhost is giving away 20 16GB wifi iPads the day that they are “physically in our possession;” entrants can tweet once/day and the contest has been running since January.
  • (Neal Campbell) is experimenting with brand-building with his iPad contest.
  • NothingButSoftware is counting tweets that use its hashtag, #NBS, to pick two iPad winners.
  • PastorGear (yes, you read that right) is giving away one iPad; daily entries.
  • PicksThatMove (penny stocks) is giving away five 16GB wifi iPads – date and details unknown.
  • has a Facebook-only contest to give away one iPad.
  • SuperMediaStore is holding a spam-free contest: enter by following the account or becoming a Facebook fan. Only one iPad (no details) to be given away.
  • THiNQ is giving away one iPad; contest ends midnight 31 March.
  • UK2, a UK web host, is giving away one iPad; spot the bunny on their website or follow them on Twitter/Facebook.

Contests that are over:

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