Younger Consumers Willing To Pay For Content? comScore Survey Says “Yes”

Today comScore released results of a survey of consumer attitudes about the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and other ereaders. This surprising tidbit is at the bottom of the press release:

Younger consumers indicated a high willingness to pay for news and magazines specially formatted for e-readers. 68 percent of 25-34 year olds and 59 percent of 35-44 year olds said they were willing to pay for this content, representing substantially higher percentages than people age 45 and older.

Of course, there is no data (public data, anyway) showing how much they might be willing to pay. And if there is a difference in willingness to pay for newspapers versus magazines.

In regards to the iPad, 34 percent said that they would like a built-in camera; 37 percent want the screen to be the same size as a laptop or desktop computer; and 43 percent want to be able to use multiple applications at once.

The survey of 2,176 Internet consumers revealed that the iPad has the same “aided awarness” as the Kindle (65%) and about the same percent who are “seriously considering” a purchase in the next three months (14% Kindle, 15% iPad). The Barnes and Noble Nook trailed in both categories: 28% aided awareness and 10% intent-to-purchase.

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