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In less than an hour, I’ll be on stage at the Twitter Conference (#140tc) on a panel to talk about tools. Here’s the list I gave Steve Broback in advance, with some examples:

iPhone :
Twittelator Pro
* I just like the interface – it took a little getting used to (because it’s different from TweetDeck). I use TP if what I want to do is check @replies or DMs. If I need to look at a search or list set up on TD desktop, then I use that.

* Not Twitter per se but iPhone – quick and easy edits before tweeting – see

stats/monitoring/research :
* great overview of account activity by key metrics
* see @barackobama (TS1, TS2)

* show follower trends for most recent 3 month period (@massgovernor)

* see time trend for keywords (iPad)

Twapper Keeper (Steve talked about this in the AM session)
* archive hashtag search

* broader than trending list

content :
Yes, I know it’s an RSS feed. sometimes that’s OK.

finding people :
We need more good directories like

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