SuperBowl Commercials: Which Is Your Favorite?

Come, take a walk with me down memory lane. Then vote for your favorite SuperBowl commercial!

(1) 1977. IBM “Monks”

Brother Dominic finishes handwriting a multi-page manuscript, only to learn that he needs to churn out 500 more sets. Where does go for help? To IBM, of course.

(2) 1980. Coca-Cola “Mean Joe Green”

Arguably Coke’s most famous football championship commercial, it actually debuted in fall 1979 and evokes childlike hero-worship. The ad’s popularity inspired a one-hour movie and a follow up “shirt off my back” Coke promotion.

(3) 1984. Apple “1984”

This Ridley Scott commercial debuted in December 1983 in order to be eligible for awards given in 1984, but its only daytime broadcast was during the SuperBowl, 22 January. It introduced the Macintosh personal computer. The female runner (representing Apple) throws a sledgehammer into the giant image of Big Brother (representing IBM), and the announcer promises us that “you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like “1984.”

(4) 1987. Pepsi “Apartment 10G”

Michael J. Fox runs the gauntlet to get a Diet Pepsi for his new next door neighbor, the foxy Marty McFly. It’s so the ’80s. Clip available via

(5) 1993. McDonald’s “The Showdown”

Larry Bird versus Michael Jordan. Enough said.

(6) 2000. EDS “Herding Cats”

Spoofing the myth of the wild wild American west, EDS tries to position itself as the firm to turn to when you have data and IT problems.

(7) 2007. Doritos Contest

This is my favorite of the 2007 UGC superbowl commercial contests.

And this is the one that won; it was produced by Five Points Productions from North Carolina. They have two entries in the 2010 finalists; I love Underdog, one of the 2010 entries.


By Kathy E. Gill

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