TV Industry In Canada

Major media owners in Canada are “crying poverty” to get regulatory concessions, according to Mark Edge,  speaking at the Convergence and Society: The Changing Media Landscape (#cconf09) in Reno. And yet … they’re still making money.

His timeline of convergence in Canada, which limits foreign ownership:


See what happened to the over-leveraged firms before ….


… they went on a buying spree:


Their response to today’s recession:


Next month’s CRTC hearings will be interesting to watch, since CTV is threatening to close 10 stations, claiming that they are “not profitable.” And yet (1): analysis of their financials show that they made almost 10% profit last year. Moreover, most of the losses are “paper losses” because CTV has written down the value of their assets by as much as 75%. And yet (2): bidding for popular US programs has soared (up 43%) at the same time that TV owners are crying about being in the poorhouse.

By Kathy E. Gill

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