Summer BBQ Schedule

Announcing Mike and Kathy’s summer BBQ schedule:


  • Sunday 5 July :: 3 pm :: RSVP
  • Sat 25 July :: 4 pm :: RSVP
  • Sun 23 Aug (the day after Gnomedex – Kathy’s b’day weekend) :: 3 pm :: RSVP
  • Sat 12 Sep (Kathy’s dad and Mike’s parents here for this one) :: 4 pm :: RSVP

RSVP not necessary but it is helpful. Trying GoogleDocs, not eVite; RSVP info is private (for Kathy and Mike’s eyes only).


Lynnwood, WA, near Edmonds Community College. Contact Kathy or Mike directly for address info/directions. With planning, we can pick people up at the Ash Way, Lynnwood, Edmonds CC transit centers or Mountlake Terrace park-and-ride …. or better yet, at SR99 and 196th!


For the grill, we provide:

  • Polish sausages
  • Hamburgers
  • A few vegi burgers
  • Chicken of some sort (Kathy’s whim)
  • (Probably) flash-grilled “pizza”

[BYO grill-able flesh if your taste buds feel like something else!]

We’ll also have

  • Mike’s baked beans
  • Mike’s famous bean dip & chips
  • Beer, wine & soda

[BYO Drink if you don’t appreciate the lottery!]

Please consider bringing something complementary … you can provide details on the RSVP form. Talk to us via phone, e-mail, text or tweet if you want to know what’s “missing” (desserts, veggies always appreciated – please be prepared to take leftovers home with you!).

By Kathy E. Gill

Digital evangelist, speaker, writer, educator. Transplanted Southerner; teach newbies to ride motorcycles! @kegill

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