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Why Local TV is Spiraling Too

From Knute Berger on — on why he is not buying a box to convert to HD:

Which isn’t to say I won’t still watch TV: I can see Conan or Colbert highlights online, broadcast and cable clips at Huffington Post, Seattle Channel or KCTS websites. I didn’t need broadcast TV to learn about international talent competition phenom Susan Boyle. I found her on YouTube. I much prefer watching TV series on DVD, which allows you to avoid the ads and watch a whole season’s worth in a weekend. You’re a year or so behind everyone else for Mad Men, In Treatment or Battlestar Galactica, but you don’t have to wait for installments. I got lost watching Lost; I’ll catch up when it’s out on disc. If I still care after a year.

Let’s just say – no he won’t watch TV – that is the device. He will watch content produced for television, but on his computer. Soon he might watch it in the “lean back” position in his livingroom or den — piped from his computer to the TV screen he formerly used to watch programming that was pushed to him at specific times.

Beware local affiliates – your audience is giving up on your schedule! You had better be putting something great on your websites!

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