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Sunday Linkage

Highlights from reading Sunday NYTimes and Seattle Times (the dead-tree versions). In no particular order (so sue me!):

  • Remodeling for Real People (ST)
    Features the new book, Not So Big Remodeling. Of course, the online version does not have a link to the featured book. I mean, why would the paper create an Amazon affiliate account? Grrr. They need to think LongTail! I’m buying the book; why shouldn’t the ST get a commission for finding it for me?
  • Yakima-area gun owners, buyers make a run on stores (ST) (ditto Boise)
    Learned about this phenomena from BiL on Saturday, where Boise gun owners have made a run on ammo. In Yakima, there’s a run on guns, too. Why? Fears that the Obama administration might tighten regulations.
  • If Only Literature Could Be Cellphone Free Zone (NYT)
    Author complains that cellphone ubiquity (technology) destroys traditional plot lines. How would you make Sleepless in Seattle or An Affair To Remember today? [Note: I am boycotting IMBD because of its extensive use of pop-unders; links are to Wikipedia instead.]
  • Ridership Grows for Microsoft Connector (ST)
    Now one of the largest company-owned employee bus services in the US; started Sept 2007. Mike rides it almost every day, although w/out laptop. Up from three days a week when he started experimenting in early 2008.
  • Anarchy on Land Means Piracy At Sea (NYT)
    Essay by Atlantic correspondent Robert D. Kaplan provides needed backstory. Yet it does not include any info on reported dumping of toxic material by “modern” governments, dumping which decimates traditional fishing areas.
  • Politico Secrecy Doesn’t Serve Us (ST)
    Seattle City Council violates spirit of open meetings law.
  • U.S. War Cash Becomes Plunder (LAT via ST)
    Soldiers skim from billions in Iraq reconstruction money. This story needs more investigation.
  • The Money Manager Role In Today’s Financial Mess (NYT – horrible Google-Foo, btw)
    The founder of the Vanguard Group takes MMs to task, calls for Congressional definitions of fiduciary responsibility. We do not live in an “ownership” society but an “agency” society; 70% of the shares of large public companies is controlled by MMs.
  • Financial News: What Took So Long? (NYT)
    “It shouldn’t take a crisis to make the mainstream media dig in.”
  • Dilbert
  • Calling Bubble As He Posts It (LAT via ST,  10 days later)
    Intriguing profile of San Diego County real estate broker who has been posting videos, commentary on the financial bubble since 2005.
  • America’s Outback (NYT)
    Feature on southern Utah’s wilderness. I was here in 2000; past time to revisit!
  • Lost In Bernie’s Shadow (NYT)
    I may start a list of financial scammers convicted of  fraud; “minor” players (millions not billions) are getting radically different sentences. For example, Charles Nolon Bush of Port Orchard, WA got 30 years in prison last month for a $35 million scam. Based on that, Bernie Madoff should be getting, what, 300 years?
  • Misnamed editorial: Learning To Love The Bailout (NYT)
    It’s critical, not laudatory.

Nothing nicer on a Sunday morning than coffee (thanks to my sweetie) and a couple hours to read the paper(s). This Sunday the NYT redeemed itself; I was thinking of cancelling my trial subscription. Last week I got so POed at one “reporting” job that I tossed the paper aside and didn’t come back to it; I need to revisit that article and write a critique.

By Kathy E. Gill

Digital evangelist, speaker, writer, educator. Transplanted Southerner; teach newbies to ride motorcycles! @kegill

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