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PNB Experiments With Webcasts

The Pacific Northwest Ballet has incorporated YouTube clips into the schedule page for this two-week series, New Works. Check it out, designers — very tastefully done.

There is also a PNB YouTube channel (currently five videos). Here’s a “behind the scenes” sample (inroduced by my favorite PNB dancer, Ariana Lallone) for the world premiere, M-Pulse.

By Kathy E. Gill

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giving the developmental back story on choices would definitely be a plus for artistic works. So often, the final presentation tells us nothing, gives us on context to appreciate them fully. Also seeing some of the personalities behind a stage presentation is more engaging, dancers don’t talk and their personality is frequently an element choreographers DONT wish to be expressed. I found once I left working on stage shows, I had no interest in them, because it was the people-not the product that engaged me. This is certainly a step in the right direction for building relationship to the community. Now, how does the community find out about these? They should put a vid box right smack on the front page for these, with a SUBSCRIBE NOW link at the end of the vid. Also, I would create an archive.

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