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FF3 And State Management

Update: This is a Mac-only problem.

Hopefully someone can tell me why FF3 does not appear to be “reading” a logged in state across tabs. For example, I can be logged in to WordPress in a tab (like this one) … open this blog in a new tab (not new window) … and I am not “logged in”. I don’t have “edit post” links, I don’t have the WordPress master toolbar (My Account – My Dashboards – New Post).

When I click the meta “log in” link … I get the WordPress login prompt.

Yet if I go directly to WordPress in the SAME tab, I’m logged in!

As I noted yesterday, I experienced this same lack of login state with Iterasi and LaterLoop.

I truly don’t know if the problem is with FF3 or with the websites … but from my experience as a user, it really doesn’t matter. The culprit feels like FF3 because it’s the only thing that has changed.

And no, I haven’t Googled to find out if my experience is unique or if this manifested with the Windows version of FF3.

Screen Captures:

(1) This screen capture shows that I am logged in to WordPress …

… and, specifically, that I’m logged in to WiredPen:

(2) Yet if I open WirePen in the same tab … this screen capture shows that I am not logged in (this is contrary to behavior of WP with FF2.x). So something has changed that requires a “hard” (separate) login to WordPress to edit a blog post or make a new posts.

I’ll go test this on the PC …

Yes, it seems to be a Mac-only problem. FF3/Wordpress work on the PC exactly like FF2.x/Wordpress did. Screen shot to come.

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