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Social Networks & Social Research

How are social networks and social network sites being used by researchers? Guest lecture in Hanson’s COM529 class. [Two addenda!]

Not in the slides — but don’t forget email lists and blog posts/comments!

Screen capture of Twhirl.

Links from the presentation (and a couple that I may have forgotten!)

Other Resources:

Addendum 1
Hanson suggested I talk about Twitter genres, something I blogged about last month. Read the post and tell me what you think!

I also have an evolving Twitter resources page.

Addendum 2
After a quick look at y’alls tweets, I can see that most are clearly in Genre (1) ! And (almost) no one seems to be using @screenname to talk directly to folks. Why?

Hanson suggested I recommend people to follow on Twitter. Here goes a list of people/orgs to consider (alpha order – I know most of these people).

  • Scott Beale – BayAreaTechie. Laughing Squid is a hosting company and “an online resource for art, culture & technology” – Scott is also known for his photography. Moderately high volume; Scott would be my #2 if I were going to follow only two high volume Tweet-ers.
  • David Cohn – journo
  • Dan Gillmor – journo
  • Guy Kawasaki – startUps/former Apple evangelist. If I were to follow only one high-volume poster, it would be Guy, and not because of his Apple connection!
  • JD Lasica – journo/educator
  • Mindy McAdams – journo/educator
  • Chris Pirillo – techGeek. Another high volume poster; Seattle.
  • Howard Rheingold – author/educator (Smart Mobs)
  • Steve Rubel – organizational communications, impact of digital technologies, marketing & PR. Very good signal-to-noise ratio
  • Robert Scoble – commGeek. 2nd most popular person on Twitter; recommend reading blog over Tweets because of @ volume (lots of noise)
  • Evan Williams – founder.

By Kathy E. Gill

Digital evangelist, speaker, writer, educator. Transplanted Southerner; teach newbies to ride motorcycles! @kegill

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