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INTED – Monday AM Podcasts

My first two sessions this morning dealt with podcasting. The first, from the University of Illinois, focused on administration. They are using iTunesU (not a big surprise) but launched in June 2006 (a surprise: UW only launched in fall 2007). Some podcasts are “open” to the public. Podcasts are also used in marketing (send to donors and/or potential donors). About 26 faculty are podcasting each semester. Either they record the live lecture (video and audio) or they record a summary after the class.The second was a case study from the UK, with a focus on the lecturer. Their data suggests students have little desire to re-listen to an entire lecture, even one recorded as an enhanced podcast with chapters. And some students still prefer paper delivery. These podcasts are edited, supplemental material. Not sure if they have identified an optimal length. 

By Kathy E. Gill

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