How To: Uploading An Image In WP

Note: WP changed the interface in Mar 2008. These screenshots are no longer accurate for but are for an earlier installed version of WP. When I’ve updated this, I’ll link to it here.

This post is “how to” insert an image into a WordPress blog post.

First, if the image is not yet hosted on a webserver somewhere, you need to upload it to WordPress or to an image hosting site such as Flickr or PhotoBucket.

The “upload to WordPress” is easy — look at the bottom of your blog post window: there is an “upload” tab. Browse your harddrive and find your image (this is web-based FTP). Be sure your cursor is where you want the image to appear when you do this step! [Note: you have only 50 MB 3 GB of free space at WordPress — if you’re going to use images frequently, you’ll want to host them on an external website.]

The other way to embed an image is to use the visual tool bar icon that looks like a small tree. You’ll click this icon when you are ready to insert an image: the image will be inserted where the cursor is active.

When you click the “tree” (image icon), you’ll see a popup window with fields for the image URL (location), alternate text, etc.:
This tool provides a little more control over image placement (the alignment drop-down menu) — although with both methods, you can edit the HTML by clicking the “code” tab at the top of the post window!

By Kathy E. Gill

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