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Notes for Karen’s Copy Editing/Design class

Questions for the class:

  • What does "digital journalism" or "online news" mean to you? Are the terms synonymous? Why or why not?
  • What online news sites do you frequent? Why? How often?
  • Do you read a newspaper regularly? Watch TV news? Listen to the radio?

Key change: communication model is no longer one-to-many. Participatory – multi-directional.
Most content will be first encountered away from the domain in which it originated: eg,
RSS feeds
(for blogs, online news, other web sites), "TV" on the iPod (one step "beyond" Tivo/Replay)

Mainstream media response:


  • "[C]ontent will be more important than its container in
    this next phase [of the Web]… search, RSS and video-capture software
    such as TiVo… have begun to unlock content from any vessel we try to
    put it in." –Tom Curley,  Associated Press CEO,  November 2004

  • "In the era of Internet television, it will be as simple and cost-effective
    to create a microchannel as it is to create a Web site."
    Jeremy Allaire, Brightcove (creator of Dreamweaver and Cold Fusion), October 2005
  • Journalism is "our day book, our collective diary, which records
    our common life. That which goes unrecorded goes
    unpreserved … The creation and preservation of collective
    memory…" is the practice of journalism. – James W. Carey

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By Kathy E. Gill

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