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There is a new (beta) website serving the “conference community.” Anyone can add a conference to the database – it currently has 16K+ conferences.

Using Web2.0 technologies, the site has a built-in reputation management system (to try to thwart spam as well as provide information on the crediblity of a conference). Like ePinions, it allows registrants to review/critique conferences that they have attended. Watch an interview (QT) with founder Salim Ismail.

I’m intrigued. Two years ago, I tried something like this — a repository of interesting conferences and local Seattle events — using TypePad as a database. My students didn’t seem interested enough to add content, and it was too much work for a solo effort. Community is a Good Thing for a project like this. Hmm. How to add a custom RSS feed about Seattle events to a web page … (tip)

By Kathy E. Gill

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