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Color Me A Minority Vote. Again.

I don’t like it … "it" being the "new" New York Times. I am NOT a Windows person. I’m not accustomed to nor do I want anything taking up 100% of my screen unless I say so. The NYT has taken that option away, at least on this Windows machine, where my (not very old monitor) says it needs the whole damn thing. :-/

It certainly may be appealing to the high-tech-geek crowd with 21" monitors and the equivalent of 6 point type. My eyes are older than that, thank you very much.

And then … the clutter. The columns! They’ve taken "let’s put everything on the front page" to an entirely new level. Of clutter. Ugh.

I was looking around for the "most blogged" box that’s all the rage. Hmm. It’s halfway down the page – way below the fold. (Pause. I didn’t see the tabs at the top – until I shrunk the window to a manageable (to my eye) width. And they’re above a horizontal "blocker". Ugh. Again.)

However, for data miners, being able to compare "e-mailed" articles
versus "blogged" articles could be interesting, if one could get
regular snapshots in time. And there it is! Most blogged over 30 days. With time-stamps. Ditto e-mail. This I’ll play around with.

Another student ranted (in the negative sense of the verb) about the video. At least they used Flash instead of requiring a PC, Windows and Media Player (like AP).

More later. Maybe. :)

Edited to remove Typepad’s idiotic failure to delete four BRs. I’ve gotta get a new platform.

By Kathy E. Gill

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