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NBC Debuts “Conviction” on iTunes

I’m late to the videoTunes party, I’ll admit. I poo-poohed the idea of watching “TV” on such a teeny screen until I actually held-and-watched one last fall. Guess what went on my (unfulfilled, as yet) Christmas gift list? It may even be enough to make me switch (or add) from RePlayTV to Tivo, should I ever acquire one.

In January, when I couldn’t force myself to watch all of the Sugar Bowl — since I’m convinced I jinx my alma mater (UGA) when I do — I bought the “highlights film” after-the-fact. But I watched it on my laptop.

Now iTunes has scored another scoop: NBC is premiering its new legal drama show, “Conviction,” for free on iTunes. From now until 3 March, when the show debuts on the traditional airways, you can download the show “for free.” (I’ll report later if the commercials come along with it.)

Sometimes I have hope that the networks get it. ABC seems sanguine about the fact that its official website loses out to a fan site on Google. The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart isn’t worried about BitTorrent (or bloggers posting clips). It stands in stark contrast to Warner Brothers — when it sent cease-and-dissest orders to teens in 2000 because they were violating its Harry Potter trademark.

Should do wonders for the billion song countdown – which now stands at 955,3xx,xxx and rising. [This should be used by math teachers everywhere to help students understand Just How Big a Billion Is. Or a Million.]

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