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Cell Phone Music Video

The band the Presidents of the United States of America has produced the first music video using cell phones as cameras. An Australian production company filmed the video in Seattle using a dozen Sony Ericsson K750i’s, which are not available in the US. (US cellular telephony is a generation or two behind the rest of the world.)

The agency brainstormed the idea 18 months ago but was unable to find a band willing to take the risk. Director Grant Marshall said: "[T]he look [is] reminiscent of the movies available on
Quicktime in the 90s. The funniest part of the shoot was to see a
mobile phone sitting on a tripod-it’s quite a sight. With mobile phone
camera resolutions doubling every few years, people will probably look
back and say this idea was ‘so 2005’."

Of course, there are ringtones at Rolling Stone, including this latest single, "Some Postman."

By Kathy E. Gill

Digital evangelist, speaker, writer, educator. Transplanted Southerner; teach newbies to ride motorcycles! @kegill

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